Sunday, 7 August 2011

Imbibe Fear of the God:

I remember an incident in my early life when I joined government group 'A' service. Once, my assistant came with a complaint that a particular employee doesn't do his work sincerely. I was under 25 years then and had only a few weeks in government service. My assistant wanted a solution to make an employee work.
I didn't know what to do. However, I told him to give me 1 or 2 days to think over.  I couldn't think of any solution so I approached my boss and explained briefly the problem. He heard me and gave solution. He said "imbibe fear of the god in the employees" Frankly speaking, I did not understand what he said but it was improper to ask for clarification from a senior. So I started thinking what is 'Fear of the god'? I am honest, I couldn't understand it. I had heard, seen and experienced that people are afraid of the god but didn't know why? Then I thought of considering it from its root. I started thinking from what is the god? It revealed to me that people believe in that the god is omnipresent, invisible, keeps record of every act of every one in the universe and felicitates or punishes any one and every one as per the predetermined norms.  My mind started understanding that if a person believes in these characteristics of the god there is no necessity to punish him/her for doing some thing wrong. Reason the person shall never do any thing wrong at least knowingly.
Thus I understood what the 'Fear of the god'. I called and told my assistant what is needed to be done. Keep a watch on that person and reward him for good work and punish him for mistakes. The watch should be such that the employee should not know some one is watching and reward and punishments would in words i. e. if some thing good is observed encourage him and if mistake is found scold him. I also asked him to ensure that the employee shall never be scolded in front of others. I am happy to say that this trick worked and the employee got an award for that year.
Fear of the god is highly effective method of governance. I wish we could make use of this principle against corruption. Representatives of people (I have a doubt whether all elected candidate represent people. It's every one's experience that polling remains within 45 to 70% meaning many don't vote. Suppose average voting is 50% it means that 15-25% of total voters from the list are adequate to get elected. If that is the case, how can an elected candidate be considered as representative of people?) may not represent people. However, there is no other method to find who is the people's representative. In my opinion each and every citizen should either approve or oppose every action of the elected candidate. This would enable the elected candidate know what people want. He/She may find what people want is incorrect. In that case he/she must educate people and try to get them on right path. If what people say is right he/she must change and work the way people want it.
This may be right method to imbibe 'Fear of the God' in the minds of elected representatives. To bring this in practice every representative must have a website where people in his/her constituency can register individual opinion/remarks/suggestions. Cyber cafes can play an important role in registering peoples mind on the website. People should give whatever they wish to convey to leader (elected representative) and cyber cafe owner should place on respective website. In my opinion a procedure like this would help the leader and people to remain in contact and understand each other's mind. I hope people support me by bringing this in practice.

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