Friday, 12 August 2011

India needs a Secular Political Party else ..

Else India would be divided in to many independent nations. Presently there is not a single secular political party.  Read here. Unfortunately meaning of secular is taken as either equality of religions or non-religious.
Fundamentally there is only one religion in entire universe. What generally understood as religion is based on external face of religion i. e. rules, laws, traditions etc. During earlier days of civilisation religion was the only identity for a society. Present situation is different. Society has identity of a particular space on the earth. This concept is nation. A nation is the modern society. Laws etc of nation give liberty to worship the way one chooses. However, every citizen of the nation must follow rules of nation and all rules apply to every citizen irrespective whether what method he/she follows for worship. All decisions related to individual citizen or group of citizens must be taken without considering way of worship followed by an individual or a group of individuals.
Presently political parties are dividing citizens based on so called religion, caste, language and many more criteria just to ensure a vote bank is created. Election results show that nearly half of the voters don't vote, there are many candidates in the contest resulting in electing a people's representative by just 15-25 % of voters. Such a representative after getting elected looks after interests of the group of people who he/she thinks elected him/her. Naturally this creates conflict in society and the society is divided in number of groups. This would fulfil aim of China. China is already making plans to divide India. People and political leaders must not help China.

People are against the ruling political party(s). However, all present politicians are busy in making vote bank to grab power and loot people. People must understand this and make politicians to work for development and not for grabbing power. A social organisation can develop a website where people can place opinion and work done by each and every politician in their respective area. Good work done by a politician should be upheld and bad work should be criticised. Probably this may be the way to keep watch on politicians and put them on a right track. Thus people of India have a great responsibility to be shared and shouldered.

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