Thursday, 20 January 2011

There is only One God in the Universe

Concept of the god had been invented by all scholars who preached a specific religion. This had been their imagination. However, this concept had been highly useful for controlling a society.
The god had been projected as invisible, omnipresent, without any specific look, accountant of every one's Karma, a police, and a judge and alike. Those who totally believe in the god shall never indulge in Karma against the society. However this concept degenerated with time. People thought that they can get away with certain action against society and benefit themselves with some thing they crave for. Wherever, the degradation assumed a situation that the whole society was in danger a scholar was born. This scholar tried his level best to put the people on rail so the society continues and prospers. Some of them like Shri Rama, Shri Krishna, Gautam Buddha, Mahvir, Jesus, and Mohamed Paigambar succeeded in their task and were considered as incarnation of the god or messenger of the god or son of the god. They were worshiped and even today they are worshiped by different societies. They did unimaginable work through their unselfishness, intelligence, capabilities and putting forward their own actions as an example. Time brings changes in every sphere of life be it an individual or society. Things get degraded. People understand events in different way and still believe they are correct. They also produce some thing from old books by the scholars and try to prove it. Scientists is a single category which did not claim any thing as the final truth. They keep doing research with a view to find the final truth. However, issues are so complicated that it is more or less impossible to find the final truth. They did show us a hope though.

If any one follows the research he/she would find that the entire universe is existing because of energy. Indians call it as 'Shakti'. The energy has all the properties which scholars all over world have preached. We know we cannot survive in absence of energy. Logical conclusion is if there is a god in the universe that is the ENERGY. Energy is ONE hence there is only ONE GOD in the universe. What are laws, rules and regulations of the god for controlling the universe? All shall agree that there must be such rules etc. Scientists are discovering these rules from hundreds of years. In the process what one scientist finds other scientist may find different. Although there could be differences there shall not be conflicts. Scientists try to prove but not adamant to discard opinion of others.

This characteristic of scientists should be taken by those who believe in traditional concept of religion. They should accept there is only one god in the universe i. e. Shakti. They should accept god's rules etc. are not yet discovered fully and must wait till final truth is found. This may take centuries though or may be hundreds of thousands of years. If people understand this they shall neither fight with each other nor try to convert people to their religion. Present division of people in nations is more than necessary. Energy is the only god in the universe, Karma is the only prayer to the god, and nation may represent a society.

Religion: Universal Brotherhood


Anonymous said...

I can understand there is only 1 god in the universe. However, I cannot understand how to worship the god.

Anonymous said...

Help people in need, whether rich or poor, Black or White, any Caste.
Not thru Donations, but thru actions. Remeber We take birth in this Matrix to perform some duties, once our role is over, the super powere will terminate the program.

Va makarul va makarallahu vallahu hairul makireen said...

Read Quran. This is the last and final revelation of Almighty GOD

Anonymous said...

Do you want me to accept what you wrote rather what was written years past you were born..ridiculous

I agree with your thoughts on Politics, corruption etc,.. but a BIG 'NO' on the religious illiterate comments!

Jana said...

Hello nonymous, and Va makarul va makarallahu vallahu hairul makireen,

Kindly remember this is not a place to prove superiority of one religion over other. This is also not a place to wash dirty linen or criticise other religions.

I request you to find solution to make a nation strong under existing circumstances.

Rakesh said...

Religion & science are in tandom fields but with uncomparable baselines. Being religious results in greater mental strength, good environment to live in, respectable community (This points to the unequality between each other unlike the present scenario where all are equal. This (equality) gives a reason why I am inferior compared to other & hence clash b/w each other).
Religion or cast does not with hold Unity.
God is not one but is several in avatar's to prove his individual situations which he himself created. Not single God has powers to over power others.
The commenting pages are endless untill non spirutual really tunrs spirutual to understand the real essence of life.

Anonymous said...

Energy is one of the several principles underlying creation. Even if you say matter and energy are inter-transformable, there are several principles like space, time, consciousness that cannot be expressed with that principle. So it is far from being the "one God".

You have to understand that any principle that gets proposed for "One God" has to be transcendental in nature. Creation has two underlying principles - matter (or energy if you want) and consciousness. If you have to say there is "One God", that is the unitary principle from which both these emanate. There is just one concept in the world that explains such unitary principle - The Absolute or the Brahman.

Jana said...

I could not understand your principle. Sorry. I have a simple doubt. If there are more than 1 god do they fight among themselves? Please clarify.

Anonymous said...

I think you should come out of the one god-many gods loop first. Look at it from a commonsense viewpoint. This is the universe. Its basic principles are two - matter and consciousness. Right?

Jana said...

@ Anonymous, I thought we are talking of the god and not dwait/adwait. What is consciousness? You are confusing me more and more.

Anonymous said...

We are not talking of dvaita or advaita. You proposed one fundamental principle of nature as the candidate for God, I am saying that is not the only fundamental principle.

I am not confusing you - you are confused because you are not starting from the basics. For any phenomenon, there are two causes - an instrumental and a substantive cause. Those two causes, consciousness and matter respectively, bring the universe into existence.

Consciousness principle is the origin of all observation or experience. What illuminates matter with "awareness" is consciousness.

Jana said...

@ Anonymous, Following is the definition given by Soul Research Institute (
[Quote]Consciousness is fundamentally a "phenomenon of knowing or cognizing or experiencing an object."

Consciousness is the primary activity in any experience. Without consciousness, there is no experience.

When we see an object, there is no person who is seeing an object. Seeing is simply a phenomenon and it can be understood as “eye-consciousness.” Similarly, when we hear sound, there is no person who is hearing. Hearing is simply a phenomenon and it can be understood as “ear-consciousness.” In this way, in an ultimate sense, all experiencing such as seeing, hearing, smelling, touching, testing, and thinking/knowing can be understood as the phenomenon of consciousness.

Thus, consciousness is that activity which knows or becomes aware of an object. It itself is the act of knowing because, knowing knows; there is no knower behind knowing. Similarly, seeing sees; there is no seer behind seeing. In this way, consciousness should be understood strictly as a phenomenon that is without any doer or actor or agent performing the act of knowing or cognizing or experiencing.[UnQuote]

My views are not on consciousness but on the concept of the god. Therefore I fail to understand why you wish to argue on consciousness?

Anonymous said...

Because there can be no discussion of "God" without the discussion of consciousness.

Jana said...

@ Anonymous, Concept of the god is basically to make people follow religious rules. The god performs both as a police and the judge. Pastors complicate things based on views of scholars. Let us not get involved in scholars' definition.

I wish you raise a new point now.

Anonymous said...

Who told you that "Concept of the god is basically to make people follow religious rules."? If you cannot see anything beyond that and feel people "complicate things", then it is your failure to understand.

So instead of putting up these naive propositions, I suggest you do some learning of worldviews, what is the relevance of the concept of God and where is it irrelevant, whether it is a concept or something else.

Moral policing is not the role of any God. It is merely one inherent principle of nature. You do not need some out of the world God concept for that.

Jana said...

@Anonymous, There is a need to read in between lines. If you don't accept my reasoning come out with your reasoning why concept of the god was created.

Anonymous said...

You tried to rationalize the concept by your line of reasoning, saying people have created the concept - look at the obvious paradox in it. On one hand you are unable to see what the scholars say, but on the other hand you are trying to analyze the reasoning behind what they are trying to say.

Jana, there is no need to do any guess work on "why the concept is created" - one needs to do the basic homework. The very idea that it is a "concept that is created" is incorrect. It is an obvious conclusion in the cause-effect explanation of the universe. Every effect has a cause, and for the effect called universe there is a cause called the creating principle.

Moral policing is one of the most trivial explanations of it. The real implication is in the very understanding of universe and human nature. And both these are effects, not the causes behind the concept. What I am saying is that you are reversing the cause-effect.

Jana said...

@ Anonymous, Thank you for the information. However I couldn't pick any portion which would be useful for people at large. My target is not scholars but a common man.

I would place every thing that makes a common man aware of his surroundings.

Anonymous said...

To be able to "pick any portion which would be useful for people at large", or to look at "every thing that makes a common man aware of his surroundings", you need to be more aware than common man. After that, you can know what is useful to common man and what is not. For instance, look at these -

1. Concept of completeness and its relevance to synthesis of mind and human excellence.

2. Concept of beauty and its relevance to aesthetics, synthesis of art-forms, human excellence and perfection.

3. Concept of Truth and its relevance to realizing the existential vs phenomenal nature of day-to-day life, in turn its relevance to elevating human character.

4. Concept of permanence and its relevance to sociological, ecological, political and economic principles.

Just examples, the list goes on and on and on. So the concept is much more complex, and has much larger implications on the life of "common man" and society. To understand how such complex concepts are brought into the life of common man in simple and effective ways, one himself has to rise over common man level of awareness and try to study the subject.

Jana said...

@ Anonymous, I would request you to write an article on your concepts and publish it. If you email me I can publish it on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Jana, thanks for request and being open. It is part of my line of work and I would be happy to share with you when I do a write up on this.

However, right now here is a very simple exposition of "God" (not mine but found on the web) -

Jana said...

@ Anonymous, I read on the link and found my thinking matches with what is said on the link given by you. There is no contradiction found. Therefore, believe in that there is only one force governing the entire universe (may be if there is any thing else beyond universe) and that is the energy. There can't be many gods simply because when more than one owns a territory there is a conflict. This is what is experienced everywhere. I will wait for your article before saying any thing else.

Anonymous said...

Actually, there is contradiction - I wonder how you missed it. The contradiction is that energy is just one of the several principles and is NOT the underlying principle. I also gave you the list of what other principles stand on the same level as energy.

Jana said...

@ Anonymous, Further discussion only after you write an article on the subject. Till then have nice time.

Raaj said...

How much do you know about energy and matter equivalence ?

If all is energy then matter is too..
if matter is energy then How come we are conscious ?
how do we remember what form of energy is that?(I know it but you don't)

what is Conscious energy ?
What is unconscious energy ?
what creates mutation and novelty genetically and what is the source of evolution ...?
stop spreading Nuisance and misdirecting others in shape of radical thoughts ..they are not so radical rather they are utterly boring, bogus, inconclusive just same thing again and again by dumb shallow people like you...

Jana said...

please don't ask questions. Give any information if you wish to educate me and others.

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