Friday, 13 July 2012

Question from a common man:

I received following mail. I have given my thinking in italics. I would appeal to all to place their respective comments here. Thank you all.
We live in a nation where
Police Helping Senior Citizen
1.            Rice is Rs.40/- per kg and Simcard is free: Reason is simple buying a simcard means spending on calls. Simcard user pays after getting it. Rice buyer doesn't pay any thing once bought.
Modern ambulance

Village Ambulance
2.            Pizza reaches home faster than Ambulance and Police: Pizza supplier gets paid only after pizza is supplied. Police is paid whether they do their job or not.
3.            Car loan @ 5% but education loan @ 12%: Manufacturers' pay the difference in interest rate by adding the cost to the loan amount.

4.            Students with 35% get in elite institutions thought quota system and those with 90% get out because of merit: I have placed a solution for this on my blog. Link is as follows: and
5.            Where a millionaire can buy a cricket team instead of donating the money to any charity. 2 IPL teams are auctioned at 3300 crores and we are still a poor country where people starve for 2 square meals per day: Why should you expect alms? Change the system. I have seen that people are selfish and work for immediate gain only. Link is as follows:
6.             Where the footwear, we wear, are sold in AC showrooms, but vegetables, that we eat, are sold on the footpath: Vegitables are sold in air conditioned rooms. However, all foot ware shops are not air conditioned and similarly all vegetable shops are not air conditioned.
7.            Where everybody wants to be famous but nobody wants to follow the path to be famous: You have answered your questions; may be inadvertently.
8.            Assembly complex buildings are getting ready within one year while public transport bridges alone take several years to be completed: For paltry gains we vote people who are incompetent.
9.            Where we make lemon juices with artificial flavours and dish wash liquids with real lemon: We are used to artificial things and don't want to follow nature.
Think about it!
a)            If you cross the North Korean border illegally, you get . . . 12 years hard labour in an isolated prison.....
b)            If you cross the Iranian border illegally, you get . . . detained indefinitely.....
c)            If you cross the Afghan border illegally, you get . . . shot . . .
d)            If you cross the Saudi Arabian border illegally, you get..... Jailed.....
e)            If you cross the Chinese border illegally, you get..... Kidnapped and may be never heard of - again....
f)              If you cross the Venezuelan border illegally, you get..... Branded as a spy and your fate sealed.....
g)            If you cross the Cuban border illegally, you get..... Thrown into a political prison to rot.....
h)            If you cross the British border illegally, you get..... Arrested, prosecuted, sent to prison and be deported after serving your sentence.....
If you were to cross the Indian border illegally, you get.....
1.            A ration card
2.            A passport (even more than one - if you please!)
3.            A driver's license
4.            A voter identity card
5.            Credit cards
6.            A Haj subsidy
7.            Job reservation
8.            Special privileges for minorities
9.            Government housing on subsidized rent
10.        Loan to buy a house
11.        Free education
12.        Free health care
13.        A lobbyist in New Delhi , with a bunch of media morons and a bigger bunch of human rights activists promoting your cause
14.        The right to talk about secularism, which you have not heard about in your own country!
15.        And of-course..... Voting rights to elect corrupt politicians who will promote your community
for their selfish interest in securing your votes!!!
16.        And right to fight election for MLA or MP.

This is all because we vote not a competent person but who belong to our community or who spends a small amount of money for voting you for the person. We have failed to exercise our right to vote to competent person. I am fully convinced that even if Honourable Anna Hazare or Baba Ramdeo contest election voters shall vote in favour of a corrupt incompetent person just because the person offers say 100 rupee note. Why blame any one when you are yourself not aware of your rights and responsibilities?

Hats off.....
To the.....
A.           Corrupt and communal Indian politicians
B.           The inefficient and corrupt Indian police force
C.           The silly pseudo-secularists in India , who promote traitors staying here
D.           The amazingly lenient Indian courts and legal system. That's why people like Afzal Guru are still alive, same will happen with Kasab.
E.            WE self centered Indian citizens, who are not bothered about the dangers to our own country.
F.            The illogically brainless human-rights activists, who think that terrorists deserve to be dealt with by archaic laws meant for an era, when human beings were human beings.

What else a corrupt person with no guts and capability can think? Will you show me a single person in India who is not corrupt and really wish to work for betterment of nation without considering personal benefit? Is there a solution to win over the situation? Cribbing alone can't prove that one is awake! Inspite of my repeated requests most of the persons didn' sign petition: Parliamentary committee on lokpal invited citizen's aspirations. I have informed many. I am not sure whether any one has approched the committee:


Madhav Bamne said...

I found following from the blog
1. Indians are corrupt but everyone wants all others except himself/herself must not be corrupt.
2. Indians are festival lovers. They join Anna/Baba but never follow their principles. They never even support them.
3. Indians love to crib but never want to fight or help others in fight for a common cause.
4. Indians always want the government to help them irrespective whether the cause is right or wrong. Their agenda is we are poor and can't spend even for basic needs.
5. No politician or party in India is secular. Every Indian wants rules religion must be followed when they are beneficial to the the person.
6. Indians try to evade each and every tax. Still they want the government to spend money for their personal causes.
7. Even leaders are against making money transactions through banks and withdraw large some currency from market.
8. The government irrespective of party forming the government wants to make complicated laws so that those could be used in unfavourable situations by the ruling party.
9. Anna and Baba are misguiding people of India in fight against corruption.
10. There are many other points and I hope others help in finding and placing on record for benefits of all.

Thanks you brothers and sister. Jai Hind.

विक्रम वालावलकर. said...

Some points are true and disturbing as well. Some I disagree with. e.g. I have good experience of Police so far. They have reached in time whenever we have complained against druncards in public places. They come in time, catch the culprits and take them to the police station.
I have very good experience of Post Offices and MTNL as well.
We, while expecting all from the Govt and its various agencies, disregard or forget our duties. Afterall those who are working in the Govt are our neighbours and relatives only...

Jana said...

@ विक्रम वालावलकर, Thank you for your comment and joining the blog. Your comments would help me in improving the blog. I appeal to all to follow you and offer comments.

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