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Does Super Cine Star Shahrukh Khan feel unsafe in India?

Answer to this question is big “NO” However, he has many times put it straight that he faced troubles because of  Khan connected to his name. He did undergo check at an airport in USA when he went to America 2 years back (2010). Since this incidence, he is bit worried about how people would accept him. This doesn’t mean that he feels unsafe for life. He is a great actor. His career is in full swing. If people reject him because he is Khan then his career as an actor would come to an end. Hence the feeling of “unsafe” is not on account of life but career. There is one more aspect. He being a celebrity and people do listen to celebrity, media persons ask his opinion about extremists attacks in India. Were he a Hindu, probably, media would not have asked this question. In a general sense it is incorrect to ask such a  question just because he is a Muslim.

The other aspect to be considered is he is an actor. Actor copies other persons in a story so that it becomes easy for people to understand and enjoy. For this purpose minimum requirements are a story writer, a dialogue writer, makeup man and a director. What a specter sees on screen is an actor but it is result of a group effort and not just the actor. We misunderstand actor and consider what we see on screen is the same person as the actor. We attach all qualities of the person on screen to the actor. This makes us think that the actor would have a solution for the real time problem. People from society and media persons ask for a solution to problem. They consider that because it comes from a renowned actor his fans would accept and there will be desired change in the society. More fans means more acceptance and hence star like Shahrukh Khan who is loved by almost all Indians was asked to offer comment on the bakwas by Pakistani Terrorist. I don’t find any thing wrong in this. His comment makes a difference and his proper comment would have helped Indians.
Shri Shahrukh Khan’s grandfather had been a freedom fighter and loved one India (not divided India based on religion) He shifted from Peshawar to Delhi after India got independence from tyrannical British rule. There is nothing against Shahrukh Khan. However, he has never been tested for his love for India. How long he should use his grandfather’s name to show that he is a patriotic. He must prove it independently now. He has an opportunity. He should in clear words condemn terrorist Hafiz who offered a house and protection. He must call Hafiz a blot on Muslim. In clear terms he should declare that all activities of Hafiz are against Islam. Hafiz has no place in Islam and must be boycotted by Muslim community. Shahrukh Khan needs to lead people for this cause. He being an actor may not have skills to lead people. However, he has a big fan club. Many all over the world follow him. His advice would be followed not only by Indians but also many in other countries. He can convince his fans and a few out of those would lead a campaign against Hafiz.
Dillip Kumar and wife Saira Bano

During 1990s the greatest Bollywood actor Shri Dilip Kumar was awarded highest civilian award by neighboring nation i.e. Pakistan. Every Indian knows that Pakistan has no love for India. Pakistan doesn’t leave any opportunity to place India in trouble. Under such condition accepting this honour by Dilip Kumar did place Indian in negative. Pakistan tried to show the whole world that Dilip Kumar is a Muslim and hence India doesn’t care for him. Probably, if he had been a Hindu he would have been given the highest award by India. By accepting award from Pakistan Dilip Kumar paved a wrong path.
Shahrukh Khan also followed Dilip Kumar. His concern seems to be his career rather than India. There is no doubt he was insulted by USA. However, he must understand that every citizen must follow rules of place wherever he goes. If he went after obtaining routine visa he must abide by rules connected with the visa. Moreover this incidence can’t be connected with his behaviour in India. Why does he feel unsafe in India. Why should he feel his children would face problem because of Khan in their name. Where is a necessity to put Khan in the names of his children. This is not expected from a great actor and celebrity like Shahrukh Khan.
He is Indian, his wife is Indian and his children are born in India so they are also Indian. Why should he crib and say Khan is problem for him. There is no need to use Khan in his name or his children’s name. There is a simple solution. Use first name, Mothers name in the middle and father’s name in the end.  So his son Aryan’s full name would be Aryan Gauri Shahrukh and his daughter’s name would be Suhana Gauri Shahrukh (morecan be checked here).
In my opinion and as a citizen of India I would expect Shri Shahrukh Khan, the great Bollywood actor, star and celebrity to correct this publicly. He must tell the nation, Pakistan and Pakistani people as follows. “I am safer in India than Pakistan, India is my motherland. Every one who tries to hurt India is my personal enemy. I hate and condemn terrorism and terrorists. I laugh at those persons who want me to betray India”

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Madhav Bamne said...

Why Sharukh is shy to undergo test? Ajmer Maulavi Ali Khan refused to welcome Pakistan Prime Minister. For him there was no need to refuse being religious visit. He still did cause he wanted to protest against NaPakistan.

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