Monday, 16 September 2013

Whom Should Anna Hazare Support? NaMo or SoGa?

Anna Hazare

Anna Hazare has declared that he has no intension to join politics or participate in election. This is one of the good decisions taken by him. Anna’s fight is not against any individual but against the actions of an individual. Therefore, there is no reason why Anna should support either NaMo or SoGa? Both of them are politicians and interested in power for their own political party. Interest of nation is limited to the extent voters would vote for them. Anna is rightly considering issues and not individuals. Neither NaMo nor SoGa is interested in support from Anna. They know that Anna is for a common man. He would support every thing done by both NaMo and SoGa or for that matter any one in the world who works for a common man’s right necessities.

A large number of voters support Anna on account of his selfless work. Every one knows Anna has his own limitations. However, Anna can judge people and their acts.
NaMO=Narendra Modi
NaMo now says Indian Armed forces are ideally secular. People must learn secularism from Armed forces. This statement clarifies many aspects. These aspects could be discussed in more details. NaMo understands that India consists of people from many religions. India shelters people from every religion found on earth. Such a group of people cannot be polarised. Polarisation would result in disintegration of country based on religions, sects, castes and many more things. India is 1 only because people can follow Smriti of their individual liking. This is probably understood by BJP but not RSS. NaMo is found to be clever. He showed his personality to RSS through Gujarat riots of 2002 and now he is trying hard to show different face now. Ex PM Shri Atal Behari Bajpai has his own strength and never needed support from RSS. He had no need to have duel personality. He knew and practiced secularism for getting power and governing nation. NaMo is not capable as Atalji. So he had to use one personality to get support from RSS and now he is free to transform himself in other personality. However, his understanding of secularism and that of Atalji is different. NaMo is trying to be equally good to people of different religions. Secularismdoesn’t say this but insists on equal treatment to person following any Smriti.In simple words it says treat every citizen equally. while giving Punishments or awards should never have a criterion of Smriti. NaMo would need some time to understand this or rather he may be wishing this and waiting for increase in his weight (Support from people of India). Shri Lal Krishna Advani tried to introduce secularism in BJP but failed miserably. In fact he had to pay price of highest post in India.
SoGa=Sonia Gandhi
SoGa is responsible for keeping INC together. Politicians love to be in power and whoever is in a position to achieve their aim is no less than the god. History shows that persons from a particular family could keep INC politicians together. Although this is not expected in democracy people have accepted it for simple reason of some one is better than other one. Not that one is intelligent, hard working, expected effects producing or fulfils all expectations of citizen. However, one is better than other. Brick is preferable over stone. SoGa is not selfless. She wants her son to become Prime Minister some day. There is nothing wrong in this. However, her son has not proved in any field till date. People should object to this part and not to the part he is son of SoGa. Many parties in India it is a common phenomenon that rulers are replaced by their near relatives. Many examples can be given from Tamil Nadu Amma and Nidhi to Uttar Pradeh Mulayam and J&K Chief. Laloo found Rabadi Devi most suitable to replace himself. Late Balasaheb found only Udhhav to replace himself and not Raj. These examples are given to illustrate the point that politics is considered as family business in India. Those who accept this have no reason to blame SoGa on this account.
Presently no political party is in a position to lead the nation on account of corrupt practices followed by politicians. Politicians are more interesting protecting thieves, robbers, murderers and alike, rather than concentrating on development of nation. Every politician whether elected or not, whether in ruling party or opposition is concerned about ‘cuts’ preferably in foreign exchange. None is interested in reducing petrol consumption through economical use of transport or using ethanol in petrol or developing internal resources. Common man also is not interested in reducing requirement of foreign exchange through imposing self ban on buying gold. Thus both politicians and general public are complementary to each other. This clearly shows people get that which they deserve. This also can be said as "यथा राजा तथा प्रजा" “Yatha Raja Tatha Praja” Anna is totally right in not supporting any political party. He may find out a politician who can be supported by him.

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