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Is It Possible to Destroy Terrorists Groups Like ISIS, Taliban etc.?

Countering Terrorist Attack

Terrorist Attack Bus Passengers
Independent efforts are made all over the world to destroy terrorists in a traditional manner. USA is a strong nation in many aspects and is proud to kill terrorists. Other countries feel happy when more terrorists are killed at the cost of lesser number of national forces. However, it is like demons taking birth from every drop of blood of killed terrorists. In order to find a solution a deep thinking is needed to understand why terrorists have become terrorists. Study shall show that those persons who become terrorists are followers of religion with blind faith. They fail to understand why religion was developed and what had been advantages of the same. Why laws were made and why some of those have become redundant. Grownup terrorists may not be able to digest this but children would accept scientific explanation.  Killing terrorist who have blind faith in their action would not produce results. Each drop of blood of killed terrorist would create new terrorist. Hence, it is advantageous and advisable to hammer concept and laws of universal religion and basically onchildren.
Except these terrorists everyone is afraid of death. Even animals also are included in this. Hence our ancestor thought of a solution i.e. improve strength to fight with enemies. During those days physical strength had been more important. Individually, there is limit for improving strength but strength of a group has no limits. More members mean more strength had been a simple formula. However, it is true only when the group is cohesive. Our ancestor thought of solution of religion and the god to achieve this. Fundamental and basic principle of religion was thought of as “Help Other” Basically when every person in the group confident of availability of help as and when needed that person shall provide help to others. This is simple concept understood and followed even by animals. Our ancestor found from experience meaning of this principle.  Although the concept is simple at first look it becomes difficult to decide who is ‘other’ meaning who should be helped. To understand this, consider a man with sword in hand chasing another man running for life. Man running for life knows if the man with sword finds him he will be killed. When he comes at a square instead of going straight he takes left turn. When the man with sword reaches square he gets confused to decide which way he should take. So he decides to take help from a person sitting by the side of the square and asks about the direction the man running for life went. Now the person at the square is in two minds in deciding who is ‘other’ to be helped. All cannot find right answer in such cases. Hence, our ancestors decided to make rules for various conditions possible in the life of a person in the group during a particular time. Unfortunately we started taking these conditions as religion although these vary with at least 3 conditions meaning place, time and group. Changes in these parameters  change rules. This is the reason we have many religions on earth itself. Another important aspect of these rules is they are good only if these are followed by group members. Today we have 3 different authorities to ensure laws are strictly followed. These are first administration, second police and third judiciary. Our ancestors found a cheapest system to carry out responsibility of all these authorities without spending anything. The concept developed had been the ‘God’ The god was painted as without any specific shape or character and omnipresent. This concept was placed in the hearts of all group members. Thus when a person knows that whatever he/she does is under watch from the god he/she will never do anything harmful to the group or group members. This needed blind faith in these 2 concepts viz. ‘Religion’ and ‘The God’ These concepts have served mankind for thousands of years and should be considered as the best management method used by our ancestors. However, our ancestors made a mistake in making ruled rigid and unchangeable. Of course from point of view of the group it is not advisable but like our constitution there should have a method to revise these. This is the reason religions are divided in sects. We need a method to revise religious rules. This is what is needed to be taught to children ‘Change religious rules to suit changed circumstances’. If future generations understand-assimilate this they will never believe in blind faith and terrorists shall never be created.

 This needs time and we can’t sit with folded hands for present and immediate future. We need to take action as per our present laws and punish them suitably. All must understand that The right solution is teaching universal religion (मराठीतून येथे वाचा) (HelpOthers) to all, specially children i.e. future generation.

As far as grown up (mature) terrorists are concerned, we must remember that in this world every Muslim is not a terrorist but almost all terrorists at present are Muslims. Secondly no Muslim wants Muslim community be diminished. This leads to a simple solution. While admitting a Muslim refugee in country the country should convert the refugee in an accepted religion. This should be OK because when a converted Muslim returns back to his/her country can always get converted back to Muslim. Only change is as long as a Muslim stays in other country he/she gets converted in a religion accepted by the country giving asylum. 

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