Saturday, 14 May 2016

Central Authority for Investigating Agencies.

Indian constitution provides powers for certain Institutions. Legislature, Executive and Judiciary are considered to be the three Pillars of Indian democracy;  Media is added as the 4th pillar but without any authority (i.e. not included in the constitution..  All these together keep the Governance of our Democracy on even keel.

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Executive is cabinet based and has joint responsibility. Executive are rulers
who decide  fate of the country.  Generally a party or a coalition of parties representing majority numbers in the Legislature form this body. Judiciary ensures that Rule of Law prevails.  Constitutional validity of an enacted law passed by the Legislature and consented to by the President of India is verified by the judiciary.  Thus the judiciary is heavily loaded with a very high and unique responsibility.
of ensuring constitution values are maintained. Bureaucracy, is the real vehicle of Governance and constitutes Public service. Media finds public sentiments and opinion on the working of all the other three entities.  Although this is not included in constitution has assumed the role of  Fourth Pillar in democracy.  Media is capable of keeping the other three pillars in proper position. Recently it is found that investigation agencys change their opinion based on rulers meaning investigation agency doesn't work independently and under pressure from rulers. This is harmful for democracy. On same line as parliament, judiciary and election Commission there should be an independent controlling body. This body either can be selected by elected politicians or appointed by a common commission for this purpose. The commission may be named as Union Governance Commission. Election of members of controlling body if elected by MPs, MLAs, MLCs would provide a better unquestionable control. Investigating Agencies should get constitutional recognition as fourt pillar of democracy and must be controlled by an independent agency.
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