Thursday, 9 March 2017

Help others is Religion

Help others is Religion:
Fundamental Philosophy of religion is “Help Others”. Survival needs strength to fight and win over enemies. Individual strength has limits but no limit for collective strength. More the number greater is the strength. This means group strength is greater than individual strength. It’s obvious that a person would help other person provided he/she is certain that as and when help is needed the same shall be available. Thus help others is a slogan for making a group and ensuring its survival. Thus there had been a need to have some understanding among persons so that possibility of survival of every person improves. Possibly this had been the basis for religion. We can easily conclude that there is a single religion with fundamental philosophy of “help others”
If this is so, why we feel, observe and see more than 1 religion in the world? Further every known religion feels superior to all other remaining religions. To understand this we must have faith in relativity theory. Although fundamental philosophy of religion appears simple, sometimes it is difficult to decide on who is other or is it must to help other. Intelligent, selfless persons having full understanding of society help in taking decision under different circumstances. They are known as son of the god or messenger of the god or incarnation of the god or even the god. These persons were born at different times, at different places & in different societies. Hence, circumstances differed and their advice (preaching) differed from each other. Of course this difference cannot be treated to differentiate so called religions from each other.
To understand this thought a better way is through an example. Let’s consider an example applicable all over the world and of perpetual nature. Think about 2 persons. One running on a road for life and the other is chasing with loaded gun in his/her hand. One of us (third person) is sitting by the side of road near a road crossing. Third person sees first person running for life reaches road crossing and takes left turn thinking the chaser would go straight on road and his/her life would be saved. Chaser reaches the crossing and inquires the way the first person went. The religion says “Help others” However there is no solution given in the philosophy who should be helped? Whether the person who was chased or the chaser. Laws of religion guide persons having faith in a specific religion. Thus we should understand that religion as understood by us has exactly same fundamental principle and laws clarifying correct action to be taken under different situations. Naturally these laws are based on place, time and society. Hence, religions understood by us i.e. laws are relative to place, time and society. Once this is understood there is no obstacle to consider every religion is exactly same. This was explained by Maharshi Vyasa as given here.

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