Thursday, 15 June 2017

Public Private Partnership i.e. PPP:

The government relies more on private partnership due to non-availability of adequate funds for development work. This is a welcome move. In fact Indians could not even dream of getting good roads in a short time of just a few years or months. However, there is a need to modify this policy. Off late citizens are complaining about the toll collected by the private party who constructed highways. Government does neither stop collection nor justifying the collection. This must stop. Government must make a policy for PPP so that neither of the parties loose nor suffer monetary loss.
I suggest a simple solution. The government should call for tenders specifying specifications for work and method of payment i.e. recovery from citizens using the facility. There should be more than 1 alternative for period of payment. Willing private partners should quote value for every time periods specified in the tender. Government should award contract to the lowest bidder as per existing rules and practice. Lowest bidder should be allowed to collect toll and keep digital record of every transaction displayed suitably for information of all. Moment collection reaches accepted value further collection should be stopped and the collection system be removed from site. Present system of specifying only time period must be stopped for all future works. Present contracts should be studied so that suitable changes could be made and the collection by private parties should be limited to the extent of quoted amount.
The government must review tendering system to do away with this flaw of collection of much more amount than the bid quoted by the contractor.

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