Sunday, 18 June 2017

Use Power To Integrate India And Not For Making Vote Bank

Can Government give permission to private builders/developers to construct 1 floor in each of four floors in building for which floor area shall not be considered while estimating fsi for the building. Accommodation constructed on these floors i.e. where floor area is not included while estimating fsi for whole building, shall be used for following purposes.

1.          Residents in JJ Colony who can pay for accommodation at the rate of construction cost.
2.          Accommodating parents of residents of building who canno afford to pay for independent room for parents at normally rate i.e. land cost+construction cost+ builder's profit.
3.          First aid health centre.
4.          Medical shop.
5.          Domestic appliances repair centre.
6.          Daily need shop.
7.          Vegetable shop.

Accommodation for purposes 2 to 7 shall be owned by the housing society & income from these shall be used for maintenance of the building.

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