Friday, 24 June 2011

Should Honourable Shri Anna Hazare Contest Election?

Honourable Annaji in one of his interviews to press media expressed that contesting election is very costly. If he contests any election he shall forefeit his deposit. This statement gives rise to many thing. Does he mean to say election expenditure is very high? Does he mean to say
peoples' faith in him is zero? Does he mean to say people vote only for rich candidates? Does he mean that voters are corrupt?
If answers to all these questions are in affirmative then why he insists on eradicating corruption by way of prosecution and punishment? Why does he claim public support for his endeavour? Why is he fasting for corrupt people? He should either take an oath to make India corruption free or just watch and ignore whatever happens in India. He should not stake his life for people who are corrupt.
Every one in India is clear that his (Annaji's) aim is to make India corruption free. People expect him to guide them and insist on changes so that elections could be fought based on individual or party qualifications and not on money possessed by contestants or parties. Circumstances should be changed so that capable persons who can take India ahead of time should be able to contest elections without spending any money for propaganda. In other words election campaigning expenditure should be brought to near zero. People of India must help him in improving quality of peoples' representatives. This is the first and foremost need of people after getting political freedom from British dictators. Political freedom would be successful only when elected representatives of people are intelligent, capable, understand peoples' aspirations and are selfless. This is possible if firstly election expenditure is brought to zero and secondly arrangements are made for people so that they can select a candidate of their choice. Some of the people insist on "Right to Recall". This provision looks attractive. However it's good only theoretically. While implementing this there shall be many difficulties which cannot be faced properly. First question is who to decide that an elected representative should be recalled. There is no such organisation or office that could asses working of an elected representative. Secondly there is always a possibility that this provision would be misused. A better provision would be to add a name i. e. "None from below" at the top of the list of candidates contesting a particular election. If this candidate gets majority of votes all in the list should be debarred from contesting any election for say 6 years. This provision would work better and without any difficulties. Modifications to election rules should be considered as step in making India corruption free.
Some more provisions are needed. For example people wish to avoid corruption practice. However the tax policy is such that they spend a large sum on taxes and their returns diminish. This is a sever problem for people who do not have a life long continuous source of income. The may earn for say 15-20 years and the source stops. Such people wish to save for their remaining period of life. There are other obstacles such as high denomination currency notes. These currency notes not only make it possible to hide large sums in small place but also are the source of fake currency notes. These notes are smuggled by terrorists for their activities.
Similarly there are some more problems which need to be considered one by one or in groups to make India corruption free. After political freedom is achieved next target would be social and economical freedom. People are looking towards Honourable Shri Anna Hazare to provide solace from all these problems. See this article also.


Neha said...

This is the worst Govt India ever had since the independence.
This Govt. is a liar, cheater apart from their fundamental right CORRUPTION.

Will get the answer from the people of India in next two years !

Jana said...

@ Neha, Yes you are right and you can change the government during the year 2014. Did you find an alternative? Under the present circumstances I don't see an alternative. All parties are corrupt and follow same parallel selfish system. Unfortunately we can't gain any thing by changing the government. We need to work to set the system right. Annaji is a hope for citizens of India. He need to help India by making government make rules for getting proper people, dealing with corruption practices and many more.

Patra said...

Very true Jana, No political party can be trusted. Corruption can be controlled using strong Lokpal bill and that is what Annaji is doing. We need to change the system, and have strong regulation over conducts of politicians. Unless laws such as 'Right-to-Recall' are not created, political leaders will do what they want. Once such 'Right-to-Recall' laws are created politicians will have to think 100 times before they do any misconduct.

Jana said...

@ Patra, I think before such a bill is passed Annaji should take care of some preliminaries. Like election reforms and banking. In election reforms candidate's declared wealth should be checked by agency like cbi or similar agency. First action should be any thing more than declared should be taken over by the government without paying any compensation. In second part the wealth and the known sources of income should be verified and any wealth more than known sources of income should be property of the government.
It is usually found that development works are originally estimated at some cost. a time for completion also is fixed by the government offices and the elected representatives. In case the expenditure increases or time extended the same should be compensated from the wealth of the government servants and the elected representatives.
This would be more effective to stop corruption and then Lokpal may not be needed.

Jana said...

I read in today's news papers that Honorable Annaji has decided to support Jan Pratinidhi in elections but not to contest elections. I feel this a welcome change. I hope some day Annaji would start his fight against corruption from its root i.e. further creation of black money. I mean to say first stop corruption and then think about catching and punishing corrupt. You may read here how.

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