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Is Decision of Anna Hazare Wrong?

Annaji takes a decision
After failure of protest against not adapting JanLokpal bill by the parliament (India) some colleagues of Honourable Shri Anna Hazare declared to establish a politicalparty. Many have criticised this decision and many have ridiculed it. Indian National Congress, major partner in ruling UPA government commented that that "This had been hidden agenda of Anna Hazare. We knew he wants to join politics and we welcome him" This appears to be a straight comment. However, members of Congress have ridiculed the statement saying "How can he contest elections without money", "How can Anna get elected?", "We shall see that not a single candidate would win election", "This shall show his proper place" These comments were unwarranted. If Anna decides to follow democratic way to fight against corruption, he should have been encouraged.

RPI Flag
Bhartiya Janata Paksha, major partner in NDA on opposition benches commented "Anna's candidates would share votes from citizens who are against corruption", "This is hidden agenda of Congress", "Anna wants to help Congress" This is as if BJP is a corruption less party! BJP forgot cases in Karnataka and other BJP governments in some of the states in India. There is third party i.e. Republican Party of India. One of the leaders invited Anna to join RPI instead of establishing a new political party. In case Anna decides to join RPI who heshould approach? RPI is divided in over 15 groups, it is difficult to find which really deserves to be known as RPI? Other political parties are either discouraging Annaji or want to get political mileage. It appears that none of the political parties is happy with this decision.
Annaji follows Mahatma Gandhi
Olden days, that is prior to British occupation of India sword was the only way to fight against intruders/foreigners ruling India. It was changed during British rule to protests and judicial fight. Now we have our system i.e. democracy Hence, there is a need to change the strategy. Now protests followed by contesting election should be the method to bring about changes. So far Annaji has tried the first part i.e. protests. His colleagues are trying the second part i.e. contesting elections. Annaji says he shall not take direct part in elections. However, he is ready to guide them and keep them away from corruption. In present system elections need support of money and muscles power. Indians also have surrendered to this power. They feel it is practical to grab opportunity during election i.e. demand paltry sums for vote or get done some work in return for a vote. Voters don't understand the permanent advantage of electing a person who is not only honest but also capable of guiding and enforcing development of the entire society (that is the constituency of voters). Voters are selfish and care for self advantage. What is required is to guide voters and make them wise to understand advantages of growing together. 
Voting pattern in India
Once they understand that gain of a society is gain for all, elections can be contested without money and muscle power. There might be individual loss in rare case but overall it would be gain for the society. It must be understood that when a society progresses, every member of that society progresses. Some may gain immediately and some may take more time. However, development of a society means overall advantage to all. Whoever wishes to start a new political party must understand this. The new party must not follow treaded path of Money and Muscle Power. If a new party cannot do this then it is of no use and voters must neglect such a party totally.
Political Parties ruling India
If former team of Annaji wish to succeed in organising a new political party the team must work systematically and step by step. First step would be to find aspirations of people in every part of the nation. This will need direct contact with people. This team has used social networking sites and created groups known as India Against Corruption (IAC). These groups can be helpful in spreading the message through direct contact with people. These should be trained and asked to go to every town and village, talk to people organise gatherings, address people and lead them to a clear and positive programme. These groups should give feed back to a central committee to modify overall programme to include all aspects like Land acquisition law including corruption. People want development, jobs, bearable prices of commodities and services and honourable living. This party should have solutions for every aspiration of the people. A single objective like demolishing corruption with a single agency/method of Lokpal is insufficient to convince electorate to vote for this party. They must include other needs like development, employment, economy etc. along with eradication of corruption. Even to eradicate corruption they should find more solutions and go step by step. Development needs land. People are reluctant to part with land for various reasons. Employment needs growth and corruption less administration. Without speedy development employment cannot be improved. All these issues are interconnected. The party must work on this have seminars all over the country including villages and finalise agenda for making nation strong or rather strongest as early as possible. This may need much more than 2 years. However, the new party should give adequate time for preparation and contests elections after 3-5 years and only after preparations are fully ready. Any hurry in contesting elections shall lead to failure of the party and in future no person would think of fighting for development in democratic way.
Decision taken by Annaji not to take direct part in a political party but control the party appears to me as right. Mahatma Gandhi had been more a social worker rather than politician. Annaji probably wants to follow him. He should neither be ridiculed nor criticized for his decision. The only need of the hour is he should not just take JanLokpal as the only remedy for India. He should guide his former team in understanding analysing all needs and aspirations of people of India and ensure the party follows right way and at manageable speed.  
Warning: it should not follow the way "Party with Difference tread its way" Note: There are links given in this article. These links illustrate points/issues brought out in this article.
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