Sunday, 15 January 2017

Expectations from Ruling Political Party

BJP claims to be a political party with difference. I take it BJP is different from all other political parties and works for nation and citizens. If that is so BJP must prove it through her actions. I would request BJP to undertake these jobs to prove her claim is right:-
1.   Loyalty of politicians must be given highest priority. Politicians must be loyal to themselves meaning either they join a party and remain loyal to that party or remain an independent candidate in politics. This loyalty must be checked at the time of filing application for contesting election. Politician must be loyal for a period of at least 6 years. If loyalty is changed from the date of change the politician must not be allowed to contest any election for a period of 6 years. As far as democracy is concerned this provision shall solve all difficulties including “Aya Ram GayaRam”. More here:
2.   Almost all candidates spend crores of rupees on voters to educate them to vote for the candidate. Presently the campaign is run by the candidate and his/her political party. It is but natural that the candidate shall never tell about an ideal candidate but shall impress on voters that he/she is the only right candidate. Hence the government presently run by the party with difference must take action to educate voters regarding choosing a candidate and make predefined arrangement for propaganda of every candidate contesting election, at the government cost. More detailsare available here:
3.   BJP for that matter all governing parties must handle problems step by step. For example decision on exchanging currency notes failed because BJP tried to eat hot food from centre of the plate (Thali). If this would have been tackled correctly it would have produced results while keeping citizens happy. First mistake was choosing aim. This is no method for Finding Black money. The primary aim should have been stop generating black money from now onwards. Preliminary work needed was to provide alternative to citizens such that the effect on their life is not negative. India is proud to have adequate technopreneur manpower which is working for the world. The government could have harnessed right company in dealing with digital software to develop a programme which is not only reliable but secure even for illiterates. Once such a programme is developed the government should provide incentives to citizens to use it. It is practicable to reduce taxes when money transaction is through digital method. Such transactions are recorded. Money transaction through currency may or may not be recorded. In practice none of the transaction is recorded. Traders prepare a few fake bills for paying taxes. This way tax paid may be just 10-15%. Therefore it is possible to reduce taxes to lower value when digital transaction is carried out instead of currency notes transaction. There is also need for training of people. This could have been orgnised in village panchayat/municipality office. The day would not have been away when every citizen would have started using digital way for money transfer and use of currency noted would have been reduced to small transactions needing currency notes with value Rs. 50 & below. Government efforts and funds also would have been saved. More detailsare here:
4.   BJP need to find a solution for developing communication especially in cities. Presently satellite townships use method of radial planning without roads for communication. The reason is high cost of land. This obstacle can be easily resolved with changes in government planning. Firstly, salute townships must be planned laterally instead of radial along a corridor. This means corridor must be available for expansion of cities & towns. This corridor would need land. If it is planned in advance all obstacles can be overcome easily. Starting point should be government should take over land for corridor on lease for 999 years and pay rent every year during first month of financial year. Land acquisition needs modification. Land for corridor should be taken partially from land holders. This means land needed should be 10 to 20 times the width of corridor must be considered to establish service corridor. This land should be redistributed among the land holders while reducing 10 to 5% from land holders’ present holding. This 10 to 5% land in the centre should be reserved for corridor and rest redistributed as stated earlier. This policy has two advantages. No land holder shall become landless and for the government no bulk money is needed for land acquisition to establish a corridor. This is further beneficial to land holders that bulk money received is not improperly spent and not only land holders but their successors shall receive annual income through rent paid by the government. There is a need to carry out valuation and revise rent every year. Wider the corridor longer shall be life span of the corridor. This corridor can be used for all services like transport (road, rail, metro, and aerodrome),water, electricity, telecommunication and even for connecting forests andcities/towns. All infertile land shall be available for satellite townships.
5.   Citizens’ participation in governance would not only improve standard but also reduce cost and improve efficiency. Certain areas where citizens’ participation is helpful will be in the jurisdiction of police and local governance. Examples are traffic control, unauthorised works in the jurisdiction of local government authority etc. Citizens should be encouraged to take photos in their mobile and send to specific authority along with bank account details. On receipt immediately say Rs, 10 be added to the sender’s bank account. After thorough investigation and issue decision of the case double fine should be levied on defaulter. 50% of this fine be awarded to the sender. Government can find more situations where citizen’s participation would be useful. This principle can be used for all unauthorised work,problems faced by citizens in all places like hospital, government offices etc.
6.   It is a common practice all over India that every vehicle driver is in hurry to reach destination. While driving on road stopping on road even for signal is not acceptable to the driver and he/she tries to go ahead on road as much as possible even if traffic rule is to be disobeyed.  This is the best situation where participation of citizens can reduce strain on traffic controlling police. Citizens would welcome this and provide all information with photo proof. There is every possibility that traffic rules shall be followed by citizens because rule breaking shall be punished. There is second problem faced on road is driving of vehicles by unauthorised persons. It is common to see outside every school and junior college, number of two wheelers parked. These not only occupy space on road but are driven by underage students. There is a necessity to hold school responsible for use of vehicles by underage students. This is required to ensure safety of citizens and the underage driver.   रहदारीचे नियम तोडणाराना धडा शिकवा
7.   Government tax rate should be related to method of payment. When payment is in the form of cash there should be higher tax. On the other hand when digital payment method is used there should be reduction in tax amount to the extent of 50% or more. Presently tax is paid only on purchases where bill is compulsory. No citizen pays taxes and takes receipt. By reducing taxes this can be changed.
8.   Integration of India is the most important task where every skill of the political leaders shall be tested. India is not a homogeneous country. It is divided in many religions, caste, languages and many other criteria. It is a tough challenge to politicians. History shows that kings used to marry princess from other kingdom to make friendship. This method could be successful for integration of the country. We have difficulties in reservation. We could convert this difficulty in to an opportunity and also get nation integrated at slow speed though. More can be found here:
9.   Security of women is a problem all over the globe but more prominent in part of the world where chastity of girls is valued. Religious thinking also is responsible for this. Direct effect is Indians consider a girl as inferior to boy. Girls are not found suitable for many responsibilities and rights. Religion gives all the freedom and rights to boy and refuses to girl. Most probable reason is physical strength of a girl is lower than a boy. During early days of mankind security was dependent on physical strength and strength of a girl was found to be lower than boy. This may be the reason why boys got priority over girls. Now things have changed. Mere physical strength is inadequate to survive. In today’s world both physical and mental strength together is needed to survive. Today’s girls have proved that given a chance they can be at least equal to boys when both the strengths are considered together. Therefore, laws and rules need modification. This may affect thinking on physical purity, and sentence for cases like rape. There should be provision in law to chop off rapist’s organ responsible for rape. This sentence must be for all males & females, irrespective of age.

10.       Queues Everywhere: Today we claim that we are living in Science & Technology age meaning we can develop tools to ease physical strain of a person. We claim we have experts with us and we are supplying to whole world. However, in India people have to stand in queue and some of us have to lose life. This is our failure. We cannot be excused for this. It is shame on part of the nation. We need to find a solution for queues, at least at most of the places. 

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