Saturday, 21 January 2017

Is there a solution to fulfil public demand & provide a solution for these demands and future demands also while integrating India?

Near past shows that citizens are asking for reservation in education & jobs and mostly in politics also. This is leading to widening of gap among various religions-castes-languages-states. There is urgent need to find a solution and implement it. Swami Vivekananda had thought over this problem during 19th century. Great social workers like Mahatma Gandhi did work on this problem. However, we do not have a political leader with adequate strength to implement the solution suggested/recommended by our great social leaders.

In India Many religions are practiced. In fact any one can just name a religion and same will be found somewhere in India. However, while accepting religions established outside India, Indians have not discarded caste system. This is the reason we have Brahmin Christen, Kayatha Christen, untouchable Christen etc. Caste system is a major factor of disintegration of Indian society. This system gives rise to many groups in the society and hence, internal fights and disintegration. Another aspect of this is reservation for certain castes in education, service and politics. When constitution of India was prepared after independence from British rule it was need to uplift certain castes as advised by Swami Vivekananda ji. Swamiji was of the opinion that every person in the Indian society must have equal standing. However, the society was divided in to classes and castes. He was of firm opinion that every individual in India irrespective of caste, class, gender must be educated and made strong enough to successfully hold various responsibilities. He further recommended that a person should be uplifted and none should be pushed down while making every citizen equal. This is the reason why constitution makers provided ‘Reservation’ for those castes who were kept away from education, employment and management. Constitution makers must be happy to provide reservation for persons of certain castes for uplifting them to the highest level. This expectation was proved wrong by certain category of persons. Secondly every Indian person is thinking that reservation is key to prosperity. None thought it is for equality of all and not for prosperity of a few. Now there is a competition to prove how so called upper class is busy in proving it is ‘backward’ and needs support of reservation. There is no end for disintegration of the nation until every individual becomes an independent nation. True politician shall stand against this and convert issue of reservation from an obstacle in to an opportunity. India is waiting for such a person.

I came across such a solution and wish to bring this to notice of every Indian. May be this couldbe spread and some politician with enough understanding of problem and solutionwould rise to occasion.

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