Friday, 27 May 2011

Demon Bhasmasur Strikes Back:

There is a mythological story known in India. Demon called Bhasmasur prayed to lord Shiva and got blessing that if Bhasmasur places hand on any person's head that person would die. The story continues. Bhasmasur kills many with the help of this blessing. Finally he goes to lord Shiva and expresses his wish to place his hand on head of the lord Shiva. One should not go in to truth of the story. However the inference is very true all the time.

The present example is Taliban blessed by USA and Pakistan. USA provided all material help to Taliban and Pakistan gave training, support and information to Taliban and other terrorists' organisations. Bhasmasur created and supported by USA and Pakistan is now not in a mood to spare creators. The situation resembles the situation in the story above. Lord Shiva blessed Bhasmasur with extra ordinary strength and Bhasmasur wanted to get rid of Shiva. Taliban and other terrorist organisations want direct power over Pakistan. They are no more satisfied with present situation where in they have to request for support.

The story continues further. This part illustrates how Lord Shiva got over Bhasmasur and killed him with the power he blessed him. Lord Shiva asked Bhasmasur to dance with him. Bhasmasur argued that he doesn't know dancing. Lord Shiva offered him to teach. He said 'just follow me and move your body hands and legs copying me' Bhasmasur agreed and started following actions as Lord Shiva was doing. Dance continued for a while and when Lord Shiva found that Bhasmasur was following him correctly he placed his own hand on his own head. Bhasmasur did the same. Moment Bhasmasur placed his hand on his head he was burnt. This is how Lord Shiva eliminated Bhasmasur. USA and Pakistan can do the same thing. Solution has to be found intelligently. Just finding and killing terrorists would take time and by the time a few are eliminated more would take their place. The demon of terrorism shall never get eliminated.

Pakistan considers India as the enemy for no reason. The only possible reason may be to divert minds of Pakistani citizens from their day to day problems. This way Pakistan can rule her people while the rulers enjoy their life. Some how Muslims think that there is nothing more important than Islam in their lives. There is no harm in thinking in this direction. After all religion is meant to build brotherhood among members of society. However the people forget to see that India never attacked why only Pakistan but any other country in the world on her own. India always defended her borders and citizens. India had never been invader in entire known history. India has Muslim citizens more than any other Muslim nation in the world. Indian Muslims are safe in India and there had been no attack on Islam in India. However, this misunderstanding can be used to get rid of terrorists.

Pakistan should give a call that Islam is in danger. India is preparing to attack Pakistan. Every citizen must come forward to protect Pakistan and hence, Islam. Appeal must be especially for terrorists. Terrorists should be asked to take direct part in the war. They should be asked to join front files on the border. Pakistan army should take position behind terrorists. NATO forces should be invited to provide arms and ammunition to Pakistan army and terrorists. The only difference should be over 95% arms and ammunition given to terrorist should be outdated and useless. NATO forces should cover Pakistan Army from behind. Indian army should attack terrorist from front and Pakistan army from behind. NATO forces should keep a watch whether Pakistan army is operating in the manner as planned. This way the demon Bhasmasur can be eliminated in full.

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