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Help Requested from Honourable Shri Anna Hazare:

I am placing an appeal to honourable Shri Anna Hazare to pursue his war against corruption. Honourable Anna has given us many things through his practice and forced the government to pass laws against corrupt persons. The first step had been register complaints against corrupt demons. He further improved it in to a law for right to information, widely known as RTI act. He has further taken great leap towards appointment of Lokpal and the government has no alternative but to consider a law to appoint Lokpal to deal with corruption cases and book corrupt demons.
These steps are highly necessary but these alone would not stop corruption. Demons shall find lacunas in law and continue their black practices in a different way. Legal practitioners shall help these demons. Therefore, it is necessary to take more steps to make India corruption free. Battles, which I personally think, needed are as under:-
1.      Election propaganda expenditure: Persons with no spare money available hesitate to contest election. Honourable Anna Hazare does not dare to contest election simply because he doesn't have adequate funds for propaganda drive. Fundamental reason for persons having social mind do not dare to contest election simply because they do not have spare money for propaganda. Whoever uses self money for propaganda knows that this can be recovered easily by using unfair means. This money is viewed as investment by many of the contestants. Recovery is not limited to the investment but many times than the investment. Unofficial figures for propaganda expenditure are Rs. 100000.00 for Grampanchayat, Rs. 10000000.00 for municipality, 50000000.00 for Member of the Legislative Assembly and Rs. 100000000.00 for Member of Parliament. This hurdle can be removed by the government by taking the responsibility of financing propaganda expenditure. A fixed procedure for propaganda should be prepared and followed for all candidates. There is a possibility that many would enter the arena if it is free. Restriction should be placed on persons who wish to contest election. In my opinion effective restrictions would be the person should be supported by say 0.05% of the voters in the voter list. One voter is allowed to support only one candidate. Details can be seen here. and connected articles.
2.      New bank accounts must be available for people to encourage them to do all money transfers through banks using cheque, bank account for persons who have limited period of earning in their life, bank account for people who earn at one time and need regular finance for their day to day survival during following period. Similarly farmers need an account where they need not maintain any fixed balance but have a facility for over draft. In shorts the accounts needed are:-
a.       Zero Balance Savings Bank Account for all: This facility shall allow every person open an account in the bank. This account must be with cheque book facility. This would allow every one to transfer money through bank. More details are at Check details here..
b.      Limitless Provident Fund Account: This account should have facility to deposit any amount any number of times. All amount deposited shall be totally deducted from income of the person during which amount deposited. This account need not be eligible for interest. However savings bank interest may be considered. As and when money is transferred from this account same shall be considered as income of the person for the year during which transfer takes place. More details are available in the link given above.
c.       Monthly Income Account: There are people who have seasonal business or work. Examples could be Ganesh or any other idol producers, farmers, workers in sugar industry, landless labourers etc. All these people earn for a short period in the year where as remaining period they have to take loans. The account should accept deposits during a period and pay instalments in remaining period. The instalment should include equal parts of money deposited and interest earned during the period. This is reverse of instalments for payment of loan. Here the bank should pay emi to the depositor.
d.      Over Draft Account: Persons considered in para c above need money at particular time of the year. For example idol makes would need big amount at the start of season. Farmers would need money to buy seeds, fertilisers and pay for cultivation help. Bank based on credit ability of individuals should give money for these purposes and recover when the produce is sold.

3.      Direct Tax: Tax must be on expenditure rather than income. The tax law should fix ways and means for income and investment. Difference of these must be considered as expenditure. Tax should be applied on the expenditure. More details are at Check details here..
4.      Money transfer: Every one (whether a person or group or company or the government) needs to transfer money to get goods and services. Such transactions should be cashless. Every one may be authorised to have cash transactions not more than say ` 10000.00 or any other amount found workable during a month. The highest denomination of notes should be ` 50. Currency notes above this must be withdrawn in a systematic manner from the market. Read more about this here. Check details here..
5.      Documents for obtaining certificates from the government or others: Every person needs certificates for various purposes. When a person approaches authority he/she is asked to produce certain documents. When these are submitted then a demand for some thing else is made. This process goes on and on and for a simple certificate time taken is in months and years apart from travelling all the way to the office issuing document. This involves loss of time as well as money. Therefore, a system is needed to expedite this. Every authority must make a model document giving form and model documents needed to attach. This would help the person know what he needs to produce on the first visit itself. This could be given to the person on payment. Once the person fulfils all the conditions as per the specimen given, the certificate must be issued on a pre-fixed date and time. If this is not done the office must be punished.
6.      Reservation based on caste basis: Reservation to certain castes is creating more a problem than solution. It was expected that reservation policy would be needed for a specific time. However even after, 64 years or more the problem has not been solved. This doesn't mean that the policy is wrong. The lacuna is in implementation. India never tried to improve conditions of those castes. On the other hand this had been used as a tool to create vote banks. Politicians support this policy for their vote bank. None of the politician has enforced other means specified in the policy to improve conditions so that reservation shall not be needed and the persons can compete on their own. This has created unrest among people who are not eligible for reservation. Student say in spite of 90% of marks I could be selected for a particular course. It is different matter that even if reservations are withdrawn there shall be student who won't qualify for admission in spite of getting say 88% marks. This aspect is always overlooked and blame is on reservation. The other suggestion is reservation based on income of the family. This also is an illusion. Those who have money can get admission wherever it can be obtained based on money paid. Hence the present policy of reservation must be discarded. At the same time people who suffered for ages, who were denied education and jobs must be taken care off. In my opinion the only solution is discarding caste system. However this is not an easy task. I see light and expressed this at Check details here..

My sincere request to Honourable Shri Anna Hazare is that he should take up these issues. My request to others who can convey this to Annaji is they should do this in the interest of state.

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