Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Does End of Osama Bin Laden would be End of Terrorism?

Most of the reactions all over the world show that Americans succeeded in eliminating the most wanted terrorist Osama Bin Laden. However every one feels that this would not end terrorism against nations. My opinion also matches with it. I see it as "glowing of candle when the end comes nearer".
There shall be more terrorist acts in near future and it would give impression that terrorist activities would be on increase. However, I feel that end is coming nearer provided the whole world think in a positive way, find fundamental reasons for terrorist activities, modus operandi of terrorists, financing of such activities and finding volunteers for achieving targets set by individual or collective organisations/groups.

Route of any such activity can be found in merciless dictatorial actions of some one who finds no match to his/her strength in the world. When people find that they cannot succeed in a fight against some one the only choice to such people is through surprise attacks. Surprise attacks mostly succeed and needs less strength than the enemy strength. Every time thinking of surprise attackers may not be right for the mankind. Mostly the thinking is based on local problems and well being of a small group. When such a situation arises the action is termed as terrorist attack. This attack is taken as against the people of whole world or a group of people in a certain region. Such attacks are condemned by the whole world. Osama and his group Alqueda were and is engaged in such attacks and therefore he was a terrorist and his organisation is a terrorist organisation.

United States of America assumes that the nation believes in democracy. This is true when it is related to internal activities. However, her dealings with other nations hardly show any democratic principles. USA is a powerful nation. However, she could not digest her own strength and thinks that all other nations must follow her. This is a dictatorial behaviour normally is result of strength. It is forgotten that modesty is more valuable than strength. Indian philosophy teaches that while one gain more knowledge he/she finds how ignorant one is. A person with limited knowledge has no idea what he/she does not know. Acquiring more knowledge gives idea about what is not known. This is true for physical strength and power. USA after defeating Germany in world war thought she has control of the whole world with her. She concentrated on her own interests while dealing with others. She forgot characteristic of modesty and tried to doze whole world through shear physical strength. It is easy to understand that interests of one nation may not be same for other nations. It was forgotten that other nations also have their own aspirations and interests. This gave rise to unrest among other nations and groups were formed. Oil rich countries in western Asia found that Americans are looting their oil and destroying them. Persons like Osama took help from USA for training and weaponry to fight against then USSR. USA readily provided the assistant needed.

Osama erred in selecting his way to resist designs of USA. He followed what USA should never have done. He thought every thing is forgiven in love and war. He started undeclared war against USA. He needed manpower and funds to further his interests. He found Islam as an easy way to find manpower. Money came from oil and drug sales in western countries. The war was given a face of war against Christens and other religions by him. Islam is a religion which does not accept physical boundaries among nations. Concept of nationality is not accepted in Islam.
Osama succeeded in may encounters and became face of terrorism. His elimination was celebrated by Americans and many other nations with some exceptions. Primary exception is Pakistan. She helped Osama for safe residence. He could control all operations from the place in Obbottobad. It is not sure how much Pakistan helped him in his actions. However, it is a fact that Pakistan saved him from USA and others in tracking him for last 6 years or more. Pakistan played dubious game in this. She could get aid from USA and use it against USA and India. It should not surprise any one if Pakistan supplies nuclear weapons to Alqueda now. China is supporting Pakistan to save trouble in area of china with Muslim majority. China wants to avoid conflicts in her own area. This is again a short sighted strategy. China should remember Osama got help from USA and used the same weapons against USA. There is no wonder if Alqueda strikes against China at appropriate time. This may be when Pakistan supplies nuclear weapons to Alqueda. There is great possibility that these would be used against India. However there is no guaranty that these would not be used against any other nation like China, She may fall to Alqueda's ambitions.

World may think that terrorists have no religion. However, each and every terrorist is convinced that his/her act is to protect religion. This statement could be modified to “Every terrorist thinks that he/she is working for a particular religion” In today’s world majority of such persons claim to belong to Islam. In past our ancestors develop religion to integrate members of society. During those days there was no concept of ‘Nation’. The only concept had been ‘Society’ meaning a group of people who are dependent on each other and residing in a location. Size of society had been much smaller compared to today’s size due to restrictions on transport. Today every nation is considered to be an independent single society, and soon the whole world may become a single society as communication is getting faster and faster day by day. When concept of religion was first time thought off the reason behind it had been security and integrity of society. Wise persons knew that for security higher the strength better it is. There had been two ways to increase strength. Those are firstly individual strength and secondly strength of a group. They (wise persons) were convinced that there is limit for increasing individual strength but group strength had no limitations as the group could be expanded by adding new entrants. Fundamental principle keeping group together had been (even today or in future so can be treated as an eternal universal) help others meaning one could expect that others would help him/her when a necessity arises. Although help others is fundamental, eternal and universal principle to integrate persons to build a group it is not easy for everyone to understand it under different situations. Let’s understand it through an example. Consider a person is chasing another person with a gun in hand and the person disappears in a square before the person with gun arrives there, this person would inquire from a person nearby about the direction the other person took. The fundamental principle says help other. Now there are 2 others. So question arises whom should be chosen as other person and help that person. Wise person only can find right solution. Hence rules are needed to follow accepted principle in practice. These rules or laws do not form as independent religion. However, in practice people understood the laws as a religion and gave a name to it. Although religion has only a single fundamental principle, wise persons considering time, place and society made rules/laws to be followed by every member of the society people considered these laws as religion. Hence instead of a single religion we have many religions on earth alone. They appear different from each other because all religions were not established at same time or place. We must understand that laws of any religion change with at least three bases i.e. place, time and society. As and when any of the bases change the law changes (This is the basic reason every religion has sects). There are some persons who resist natural changes to religion. They try to force unwanted laws on people. They are the terrorists. In other words “Terrorist is a person who refuses to amend law based on changed parameters” Science says that generally a person accepts changes up to certain age. This age limit may vary to some extent. Generally children below say 18 years age need less efforts to explain and get acceptance to changes. Hence, to fight with this menace children must be given teaching of universal religion and the fundamental principle of religion. When they grow shall not become terrorists but groomed in to good citizens. The world has to sustain present condition for some time. An interim solution is possible though.
End of Osama has opened many possibilities of disasters. It's just like opening Pandora's Box. Candle would glow, become highly bright before getting extinguished. Does the whole world wait for this? In my opinion the entire world should come together in a fight against terrorism irrespective whether suffered/suffering or not. Action should be taken in all possible ways to destroy the tendency. The major aspects should be as follows:-
1.      USA should be a modest super power.
2.      Whoever wish to be a super power must learn and practice virtue of modesty.
3.      Each and every nation must take a vow not to support terrorists and their ways even if these are beneficial to a particular group or nation at a particular instant.
4.      No country should provide any assistance on payment or otherwise to terrorists.
5.      Alternative for oil must be found on priority. Every nation should have a source of energy independent of other nations.
6.      All fields growing Afeem (a plant used for producing drugs) and similar plants be destroyed.
7.      No Bank in the world should accept deposits and transactions from terrorists and their groups.

When the whole world fights terrorism it shall end in no time. Pakistan has a great role to play in this action.

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Jana said...

Pakistan now should understand disadvantages of partition. Had there been undivided India things would not have reached this stage. Osama would never have found shelter in India and there would have been no necessity to attack undivided India. People of Pakistan must understand this and rethink whether they should remain a Pakistani or return back to undivided India.

Pakistan immediately should correct her mistakes in giving unlimited powers to armed forces and ISI. She should sack all officials in top 3 ranks and sentence those to jail (gaol). Civil administration should show her determination to control Pakistan in democratic way and not fall prey to selfish designs of a few in Pakistan. This would not only save her from disaster but prosper like India. Pakistan also must understand China could never be her friend. Chinese want an access to Indian ocean. That is the reason she is showing her intention to help Pakistan. In fact she is helping herself under disguise. Pakistan should first ensure that no Chinese soldier enters Pakistan and then complain against USA. USA can't accept any damage to her from people sheltered by Pakistan. This is a minimum and a just need and Pakistan should fulfill it.

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