Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Is Honourable Anna Hazare Fascist?

Annaji is pressing hard for JanLokpal Bill. This gives an impression that he is adamant, fascist etc. However, my understanding is he is against corruption. He has experienced in his own village and all over India that corruption is ruining life of people. His concern is not individual but for the people of India. Annaji is a simple human being like any other Indian. The difference is others work for self whereas Anna works for others even at his own risk and cost. As per definition of human beings given by Maharshi Krishna Dwaipayana Vyasa such a human is defined as the god. We must understand that his insistence on Lokpal Bill is not a selfish intention but to give solace to all Indians.
Annaji is not highly educated in traditional manner. However, he understands human beings, their grievances, aspiration and whatever would improve their condition. People especially Congress person blame him because he speaks against Congress and not against others. Congress gives examples of Mayawati, BSP, SP, Narendra Modi and others alike. It must be understood that Annaji understands that most of the politicians irrespective of political party to which they belong are corrupt. However, we cannot expect him to fight with all of them. As per his thinking JanLokpal Bill would be a good weapon to fight with corruption and he found that congress instead of seriously considering it, is trying to diffuse the bill. Other political parties are not doing this. It follows naturally that Congress is found to be a hindrance in JanLokpal Bill. Congress first constituted a committee comprising of 5 elected representatives and 5 representatives selected from public by Annaji. Congress did not include a single representative from other parties, not even her coalition partners. This gives ample proof that the JanLokpal Bill is stalled by Congress Party and not by other parties. This would be the reason why Annaji is targeting congress.
Anna accepts that he and Mahatma Gandhi cannot be compared. He understands that Mahatma Gandhi was well educated. Although, Gandhiji had urban background it was not far off from rural area. Further he mixed with people from society, studied their aspirations, method of working and had through knowledge of what people desire expect and should have. He very easily could carry himself in all parts of Indian society irrespective of location, religion, language etc. Annaji has limitations and hence he needs advisers. Annaji thinks a strong guard can protect people from corruption. His understanding is citizen charter would make life of people easy. Citizen charter is not a new thing though. What is needed is implementation of existing rules. Annaji has neglected aspect of propaganda expenditure of candidates contesting elections. Although, actual expenditure is many times more than the authorised amount, even authorised amount is so high that a common man cannot contest election. Annaji himself has accepted this and admitted that he cannot think of contesting election on the ground that he doesn't have enough money. The other thing missing his thinking for fight against corruption is high denomination currency notes. These currency noted help corrupt people to accept bribe and keep it in a small space. I have put my views on this and placed a petition to Annaji on this blog.
Annaji is insisting on Right to Recall. Initially there is a provision in Lokpal Bill and it says that any elected member of any house should be recalled if found corrupt through court of law. Recall should not depend only on corruption though. This provision should be applicable for inefficient persons also. There is a group which insists on RTR through complaints lodged by voters. The group insists that Talathi/patwari/government representative should help people to register their opinion. This is a dangerous provision. Instead of Right to Recall there should be Right to Reject. On ballot paper the fist candidate should be "None from Below" If this candidate gets maximum votes all the candidates must be debarred from contesting any election at least for a period of 6 years. This provision would be workable and effective. Another important point is voting percentage. More than half the voters do not exercise their right to vote. Result show that whoever gets 15 to 25 % of total listed voters gets elected. It is point to ponder whether such elected candidate should be called as people's representatives?
Lokpal and Lokayukt are not enough to free India from corruption. Steps are required to study the black spot from all angles and fundamental changes are needed. While thinking on each of the points some new obstacles would be visible and action is needed to plug all holes.

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