Sunday, 2 October 2011

Is it Possible for USA to withdraw Troups from Afghanistan?

USA and NATO have planned to withdraw armed forces from Afghanistan by end of year 2014.  Fundamental reason for presence of these forces in Afghanistan is existence of terrorist groups in the region. This simply means these forces would finish all terrorists either physically or through mental purification by end of the year 2014. However there is a big question "Whether America would succeed?".  America experienced first terrorist attack on 9/11/2010. The attack had been from terrorists trained by her to fight with Russians in Afghanistan
Thus Demon created by America paid back to her in her own coin. America didn't bother about such attacks in other parts of the world and encouraged Pakistan all the time. America did know that Pakistan is a rogue state but still helped Pakistan as it situated her short time selfish interests. America is yet not prepared to fight with terrorists whole heartedly. Fight against terrorism does not end with killing Osama-Bin-Laden.  Terrorism is to be fought on many fronts simultaneously. Just killing a few terrorists is no solution. Action is required to destroy all that helps and produces terrorists. Details can be found here: 

It is difficult to understand why America is giving importance to Pakistan. She knows Pakistan survives on the alms given by her. Strategically if this supply is stopped Pakistan cannot even survive. If America decides to destroy all training camps, implement new syllabus in mathersas, destroy Afeem producing farms and make all banks in the world to seal terrorists accounts Pakistan with all terrorists shall surrender to America. If they don't it's not difficult to attack Pakistan and destroy terrorist producing machinery. America did attack Iraq without any reason. Attacking Pakistan would not be opposes by most of the countries in the world. Some countries even would provide help voluntarily.
While studying terrorist it must be remembered that Every Muslim is not terrorist although almost all terrorists are Muslims. Second aspect is these terrorists don't like to reduce their population i.e. they want all Muslims must remain Muslim and shall not get converted to any other religion. We who are suffering from terrorism must make use of this weakness to reduce threat from terrorists. All refugees from Muslim countries must be helped only if they volunteer to adopt religion accepted by the government of country receiving refugees.  The refugees when they return to their country can easily get converted back to their original religion. This aspect is highly important  & must be given due importance.

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Nato withdrawal plan ‘sign of failure’ for US:

1.      Washington had “failed to get additional military assistance of the Nato member countries” or a commitment to continue operations in the long term.
2.      “It is a good news for Afghans and all freedom-loving people of the world and it is a sign of failure for the American government,” it said in an emailed statement.
3.      “In the past nine years, the invaders could not establish any system of governance in Kabul and they will never be able to do so in future.”
4.      The Taliban on Sunday repeated its call for the immediate withdrawal of foreign forces, calling the 2014 cut-off date an “irrational decision”, as it prolonged a “meaningless, imposed and (unwinnable) war”.
5.      The rebel group indicated on Sunday it was eyeing a return to power, claiming in its statement that it had put together a “comprehensive policy for the future Afghanistan”.
However, America has expressed hope:
1.      US President Barack Obama said on Saturday that the Nato-led allies “are achieving our objective of breaking Taliban momentum” after committing extra resources to the war.
2.      Washington, however, warned that “some hard fighting remains ahead” and did not rule out combat operations continuing beyond 2014.
A survey published however, gave a gloomy prediction that most people in southern Afghanistan thought the Taliban would return after Nato troops leave.
If NATO forces leave Afghanistan without destroying terrorists the danger of terrorist shall continue unabated for entire world. America shall not be an exception to this.

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