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India i.e. Bharat Needs to Face These Challenges:

Every country in the world faces challenges all the time. However India is facing grave problems as on date. Theses are specially related to Security, Democracy and Development. Extremist attacks, Naxlite/Maoist attacks and Corrupt Politicians are major issues need to be resolved to save sovereignty of India and her Common Man. Security is in danger because the government is yet to take steps to raise suitable force to fight and demolish all bastard who are challenging her government and the people. A sizeable group of politicians help these bastards. Almost 30% of politicians are charged with grave charges like murder, rape, robbery and alike. Democracy is in danger due to Common Man is indifferent to exercising his fundamental right to vote, candidates contesting election spend crores of rupees for self propaganda. Money and Muscle power is rampant. India needs to face these problems first. Economy and development would automatically follow if security to people and corruption free administration is established in all sectors i.e. politics, government, semi-government and private sectors.



Affected Districts of India
 Naxlite andMaoist problem is because of bad budget and heartless implementation of budget. The government has provided some funds so that poor can live their life not exactly successful life but they can carry on. However, this reason cannot be taken as an excuse for cruel attacks by these groups. Would killing of people and destroying national assets improve condition of the poor? No it cannot. The only solution is to provide employment to every one who can work. If a worker is not having suitable skills to do a particular job it is required to train him/her. Just cribbing that skilled manpower is not available hence, unemployment is not a rational thinking. The government and the private sectors must accept this as their responsibility to train. Employment must be provided as near to ancestral place as possible. Communication is a key to this. Road, rail, air, water and all other communications must be provided. Start can be done by joining big cities with a corridor. Corridor should be as wide as possible say 300 metres. On both sides of the corridor plan various services like residential houses, commercial facilities, industrial complexes, transport stations (by road, rail, air, water etc.) and use the corridor for communication (road and rail). There is a possibility that various forests also may be connected through this corridor. This would reduce flow of (migration) village population to cities and would provide place for new towns near villages. This shall generate great possibility of employment and security would be much better because of small towns. Land for the corridor and other facilities of both sides need not be purchased by the government. This should be on lease to the final user and this user should pay annual rent at 8% of the assessed value of the land to the original land owner and after his/her death to respective successors. This way Naxlite and Maoist problem can be faced.

Building being Evacuted

Woman being Rescued
After Terrorists Attack
Terroristsand extremists succeed in their destructive activity only because they get support and help from locals. This problem should be addressed by making a law for such supporters to hang to death irrespective whether the support is smaller big, knowingly or unknowingly etc. If any one wish to save himself or herself from such activity the only alternative shall be not to indulge in such acts and if forced report to police and get necessary security from police. This is the only way to ensure safety against terrorists attacks. Naxlite and Maoist also must be treated like terrorists. If some state(s) represents to the centre (central government) to withdraw armed and para military forces from the state centre should warn the state that security of people of state shall be the total responsibility of that particular state and centre shall not provide any help which shall include monetary help also. If state(s) particularly asks for help of intelligence bureau, the same may be provided by the centre on conditions laid down by the centre.

Some MPs

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar
Speaker of LS
So calledelected representatives of people is a great risk to nation. In general they never get more than 20% of votes from voters enlisted. Many voters don't exercise their right on account of many reasons. Most of the candidates do not do any social work in their life, money power and muscle power are only credentials of many candidates, laziness on part of voters, many voters use the holiday for some other purpose etc. Voters also see many candidates who were elected do not open their mouth except for paid questions in the house during various sessions. In case any parliamentarian asks a question he/she never pursue the same. In general voters think that any of the candidates if voted, would be corrupt, useless for their causes and electing any one does not fulfil the purpose they are elected. Members of parliament and legislative assembly (MPs and MLAs) are required to work for people and they should consider themselves as servants of people (Desh Sevak and Rajya Sevak). However they consider themselves as Khasdars and Amdars. This nomenclature needs a change. It is not possible to place restrictions on candidates with charges like murder/rape/corruption etc. for not contesting elections. However, political parties can always discard such candidates. Political parties on other hand project such candidates as the most suitable. Citizens have lost faith in all present political parties. Political parties must select candidates after ascertaining qualities like integrity, honesty, selflessness, leadership, accountability, objectivity and openness etc. While choosing candidates political parties do not consider any of these qualities but a single criteria i.e. ability to get elected by hook or crook. This is another reason for not exercising right to vote. Present situation makes it easy for political parties to divide voters based on religion, caste and similar criteria and get their nominees elected. Once elected, they have no fear to be called back. Present situation does not encourage voters to vote. After election the house is divided in to two groups i.e. ruling party(ies) and opposition party(ies). It is not understood why there should be opposition when every candidate pledges to work for people. Why we cannot make a rule to elect Prime Minister (Chief Minister in state) byall the elected representatives? A register of activities of all elected representatives should be maintained and updated from time to time. This should be available to public on website. Special care should be taken for ministers and leaders of all parties. This will ensure that the prime minister and chief ministers represent the nation and respective state respectively. We should have experts' cell for various houses of people's representatives. Ministers can't be expected to be experts in various spheres and aspects related to the people in the nation. They must have good knowledge of at least one of the subjects, they should understand aspirations of people and they must be experts in administration. Every minister must have an expert for various subjects toobtain opinion. Based on the information and opinion given by an expert the minister should take a decision and implement the same in right spirit. Experts may not be integrated to a particular ministry but they should form a cell. They need to get information related to the subject referred to them from a particular ministry. Such information must be placed on website of the ministry. There should be a laid down procedure to investigate misbehaviour of elected representatives and ministers and laws to punish and avoid similar misbehaviour by some one in future. A code of privileges must be prepared in black and white and implemented on every occasion for all members of various houses. Houses of representatives of people must be organised to implement such changes.
Other security hazards are natural calamities, traffic accidents, fire etc. The government must have a plan and implementation machinery ready to fight against all such threats. While developing hazardous projects such as generation of electricity, irrigation, flood control, security, employment, housing and life of people shall not be neglected.
Election reforms are needed to ensure voting by all, do away with money power, muscle power and get ideal representatives in all houses. If every eligible voter votes division of people based on religion caste and any other criteria will not be possible. There is a need to monitor voters and provide them with certificate of voting. This certificate must be made compulsory for various benefits citizens get on account of nationality. For example for an employee holiday is authorised for voting. In case he doesn't vote then that should be treated as unpaid leave and break in service. People shall not get any certificates if they don't vote in latest election. In fact they shall not be treated as citizens if they don't vote. Political parties must not select candidates who have criminal record. Criminal record must be advertised for all candidates. These who don't have criminal record must be shown as 'No Criminal Record' If information given by a candidate is found and proved as 'wrong' the candidate shall not be allowed to contest any election for a period of 6 years from the date information is received by the election commission. The government should prepare a model for propaganda for all candidates and finance the same. No candidate shall spend for propaganda for any one contesting election.
India has afree system of election but it can't be treated as fair. Model code of conduct exists but hardly followed by political parties and candidates. Past experience shows that 70 to 95 % of Lok Sabha (LS) and legislative Assembly (LA) constituencies voting is less than 50%. This means more than 50% voters do not exercise their right to vote. Surprisingly this is more prominent in cities and towns where it is assumed that literate population resides. In certain area voting percentage to the total votes in constituencies is as low as 8%. With this voting pattern how can one be a people's representative when he/she is chosen by say 4% voters. Members of LS and LA have criminal cases pending. Percentage of such members is increasing with every LS and LA. From 2004 elections to 2009 the percentage for LS has increased from 23% to 30%. Percentage of MPs with serious charges during this period has increased by 36%. Money flow in elections has increased astonishingly and at present election expenditure of candidates even for local bodies is in crores. During interview of candidates by political parties even women express fearlessly that they are contesting elections to improve their monetary income from 4000 per month to 4 lakh per month. Candidates contesting elections do not have any social service background and hardly any one possesses most important and desirable qualities like integrity, honesty, selflessness, leadership, accountability, objectivity and openness. Political parties do not give importance to these qualities. They just concentrate on only criteria i.e. ability to get elected by hook or crook. Political parties and candidates promise free supply of items like TV, computers, washing machines etc. to poor if come in power. This is nothing but bribe to the voters. Such a bribe is paid from public funds and not from hard earned money by the candidates or party. Such bribes should be treated under criminal laws with no provision for bail. Candidates and office bearers of political parties should be jailed and tried as per existing criminal procedure. This must apply to pending debts of some of the voters not only for election purpose but also during governance. How can members and the houses use public funds for a particular section of people? On the other hand the government should make every section of people strong enough to earn. This would need education, training and making procedure simple. State governments paid loans of farmers who committed suicide. The effect had been the banks of members of houses were saved. Farmers continued to suicide even after that. Government should have taken responsibilities of such farmers and taught them how to make cultivation profitable. There is no method to cancel registration of a political party. There are no rules and guidelines for working of a political party. Many political parties exist only on paper. Many have established political parties just for getting donations. No political party maintains audited accounts and these are never made public. There is a need to change this and full information should be available through website to common man. There is a need for laws for regulation of political parties, making voting compulsory, giving right to people to reject all candidates contesting elections, debarring candidates from contesting elections for 6 years when they change their loyalty to their respective party or rejected in some election, declaring candidate elected only if he/she gets certain percentage of registered voters in the respective constituency (say 35 to 50% at least), financing candidate's propaganda expenditure by the state, registering and pursuing criminal cases against parties and candidates who offer free items during and after elections etc. This list may continue further.
Approved SEZs
Economical Revolution with Social Destruction
Last two decades and more there has been improvement in economical condition of the nation. However, this improvement is against principles of constitution. Indian constitution provides for security to citizens. This includes financial security also. However, in practice what is seen in 20 years, is increase in world class billionaires and increasing gap between rich and poor. Increase in gap is not only because some got rich but at the same time poor became poorer. Posts in the government are considered as authority to do any thing with fulfils selfishness. This is the reason for politicians to grab power in whatever way possible. This is big challenge the nation has to face. It can be possible only through education and training. Nation can achieve zero unemployment through this. Second aspect is free distribution of goods. This must stop. Either pay higher amount for labour and services or quit government posts. Provide soft loans for children and youth for education and training. This applies to farmers, businessmen and all walks of life. Increase their skills where needed. Soft loans must be repayable with interest. Only precaution to be taken is repayment shall start after the debtor starts earning. Interest shall apply only from date of repayment starts. China neededSEZs. It had been helplessness of China due to communist philosophy. China divided her country in two, communist china and capitalist China. India doesn'tneed this. India is not averse to capitalism. There are many capitalist businessmen and may be more than USA. What India needs is spreading of her industry all over the country. This can be achieved by providing corridors to join big cities and establishing new towns with certain population limit such as 250000. India needs development of infrastructure. The corridor is the best place for providing infrastructure. While acquiring land for corridor and towns careshould be taken not to pay compensation at one time but provide accommodation,jobs etc. and pay lease rent for the land acquired. The lease rent should be based on present market value on the first day of financial year. This shall solve many problems such as economy, education, training, employment, suicides by farmers and alike.
There is still greater problem faced by India is religion and caste. Last six decades and more India has developed partition among religions and castes. Different India is seen from place to place. Reservation has played dirty part in this division. Constitutional provisions speak on reservation to castes which were denied to have say in many spheres of life including education. This provision is extended to those who were touchable but were not educated. Now some of the communities who had governed India since independence want reservation. They cunningly press for reservations in education and employment only. They do not ask reservation in politics. The hidden reason is except for reserved seats in LS and LA is with them already. Politicians use this like a torch in monkey's hand. They lure communities by showing this carrot and get elected. It has been found to be the easiest way to get elected. They are not bothered while doing this they are dividing citizens in caste/communal groups. They understand this well but selfishness prevails on them. If things continue the way they are India shall be nation of groups and not a homogenous collection of citizens. This may lead to further division. Nations like China are eagerly waiting for this. Once division in to many parts takes place it is easy for other nations to rule India. Although six decades is a small period in the life of a nation, if this division continues it may become a big period. A solution must be found to stop this. We should follow constitutional provisions and not amend constitution further. Instead we should start thinking on how to make the nation homogenous. Reservations on any account must be discontinued. At the same time fundamental reasons for reservation must be taken care of. It is a myth among children that they don't get admission for a specific course or employment even though the child gets say 90% marks. Whereas a child from reserve caste gets the same even if the percentage is say 80%. This is very true. However, the environment of the children in different categories is different. Hence the same can't be compared just by considering percentage of marks. True comparison shall be both marks and the environment of the children, education background of parents, grand parents, great grand parents etc. Comparison is possible on marks secured during an examination only when other factors are common. This must be understood by parents and disseminated to Children. They should be educated telling them similar situation would exist for children securing 85% of marks if reservation is done away with. The real solution is to increase availability of seats for courses. If you understand vacant seats for engineering the same can be well understood. I suggest the reservations shouldcontinue based on the caste of parents and grand parents (both maternal andpaternal). Child shall be authorised reservation provided at least one of parents or grand parents fulfils the criteria for reservation. This means if parents belong to different castes the child shall have no caste only religion and if they belong to different religions they shall have neither religion nor caste. They shall be treated as Indian citizens only and column against religion and caste shall be filled with "not applicable". This way there shall be integration among castes and religions and India would become a casteless homogeneous society. Those who want reservation can secure the same for their children by inter-caste or inter-religion marriage. This I understand is the best way to face the problem of reservation and get rid of it at some time in future. While doing this we would develop ourselves in to a casteless system and homogeneous nation.
Religion isanother problem and of high importance. Every person belonging to a specific religion thinks that the religion followed by that person is the best. None is ready to accept that there is only one religion in the universe. Swami Vivekanadahad great belief in a single religion. He considered religion in two parts like soul and body. For ancient Indians Vedanta is soul and Smriti and Puranas are body. Soul never dies. It is perpetual. What dies is body. Vedanta is eternal. Smriti and Puranas need changes based on place, time and society. However, persons from different religion argue based on rules, regulations, laws, rituals and traditions. This is the fundamental reason for differences and arguments leading to riots and anti social activities. Once we understand difference between soul and body all differences among persons of different religions shall melt away. Politicians, social workers, religious leaders, pastors, mullas, pujaris must consider this and educate people. Swami Vivekanada was of the opinion that more number of religions is welcome provided they understand soul and body of their own religion. Person must take in to consideration rules, regulations, laws, rituals and traditions based on place, time and society. This is possibly the only way to achieve harmony among all religions.
Western world achieved tremendous material progress through science and technology. However, Indians are the best at spiritual progress in the world. Swami Vivekanadapleaded for accepting material progress from west and in return give spiritualknowledge to west. Many of Indians did help in pleading of Swamiji. However, mostly or all of them had selfish interest. They were seeking name, fame and money in return and not material progress of India. While doing this they have degraded Indian philosophy for cheap publicity. They have failed in basic concept i.e. in India woman is recognised as mother and not wife as considered by westerners. So called religious leaders from India have gone to the extent of treating sex as an important part of Vedanta while preaching the western world. What is needed is knowledge of eternal Vedanta be preached in a way so that it is understood and assimilated by westerners. There is no effort seen to spread this in Middle Eastern countries. If some one would have succeeded in Muslim countries the today's world would have been peaceful, and more adorable to live in.
Corruption isan important issue. However, if we take care of problems above separate efforts may not be needed. More is already available on this blog.
I have noticed that most of us are interested in well tried solutions and not suggesting some thing totally new. This is how administration works. First question asked by boss while finding solution on any issue is "Has this been done earlier? If yes, when, where and how?" For development un-treaded paths also must be explored. There may be failures. However, failures teach us lessons and we must accept failures. These may be treated as unavoidable in experiments. Without experiments no discovery or invention is possible. At least limited freedom is must, to face challenges new or old. I invite all readers to add more issues to be face by India. There should be solution with issue, if possible.

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