Thursday, 25 October 2012

India Needs a Secular and Democratic Political Party with Vision 2100:

Some of the Political Parties in India.
India is emerging as a world power and expected to be a world leader in near future (Many claim this would be by the year 2020). This is possible if either existing parties change their aim, administration and working or a new party is constituted. My thinking of an ideal political party is given in following paragraphs.
Aim of political party should be development of India both in spiritual and physical fields.

India is leading inspiritual field and supposed to be the best in the world. However, presently it is found that people are misinterpreting religion. There being only 1 religion in the universe, there is no need to give a name to religion. Swami Vivekananda was of firm opinion that the universal religion has 2 parts. First, philosophy which he told is known as Vedanta and second, social rules which are known as Smriti. Vedanta is a universal and eternal truth. Smriti is neither universal nor eternal. Meaning Smriti is dependent on at least 3 factors namely time, place and society. Change in any 1 of these factors need modifications to Smriti. Based on this concept what we recognise as religions are just Smritis. Considering Smriti is not a universal and eternal truth people should not have any objection for Smriti followed by a particular group while living in that group. Evidence for this in my opinion is constitution of any country in the world. When a parson lives in a particular country he/she follows rules and laws of that country. There is a saying "When in Rome act like Romans" This means if you migrate to a new location, don't carry your habits especially those against the habits recognised in new location as bad. Adopt habits of new location. It is clear that Smriti followed in one location may not be acceptable in another place. Hence, avoid such rules in migrated location and adopt rules followed in that location. If some rules are against your thinking protest but don't expect that those would be changed. In India Indian way of living should be rightly expected irrespective of Smriti (so called religion) of an individual.
Corruption cases up to 2010
Victims of Caste System
There are 3 major obstacles in physical development of India. First and foremost is Corruption followed by Terrorism and Caste Practice. A political party must address these obstacles and find a solution to remove these. Once a solution is found the citizens must be taken in to confidence and implement those in a manner there shall be least resistance from people.
There are many more difficulties faced by people in there day to day life. Most of the time these difficulties get priority over fundamental obstacles. Political parties must have clear understanding for such problems and must have solution(s) for the same. This must be the fundamental ground for propaganda of respective political party or individual politician. In order to place this for consideration of citizens, politicians and parties must make use of website, mobile phone, TV and all other media available in today's world. Let people form their opinion based on these rather than criticism on others. Politicians must be true to their respective words and take action exactly in the way they preach and or convey to citizens.
Price Rise
Price rise is almost all time problem. Emoluments do increase after price rise. However this is a reverse process. Economics states price rise is indication of growing economy. It is understood that price rise takes place because people have more money to spend. Persons possessing more money means they are well employed and unemployed are fewer. However, in India prices rise first. Compensating through increase in emoluments follows price rise. This is only in the organised sector. Labour in unorganised sector do not get higher emolument. On the contrary either they are discharged from service (loose job) or are asked to work on lower emoluments. This is contrary to the concept of development discussed in economics. Conclusion is development in India is not for making life of a common man more enjoyable. At the same time number of billionaires is increasing. Politicians from all parties have developed their life. This simply means present politicians are either not concerned about public or not in a position to govern in a right way to ensure development of all for improving their (people's) individual life. There are more problems and all cannot be addressed in a small article. Even a book may find it difficult to accommodate.
Citizen Charter
One such important need of a common man is to obtain necessary certificates and papers required in his needs. No government office takes care of issuing such papers in a reasonable time. Common man also doesn't know which paper is available from which desk. To resolve this problem the political party must make Citizen's Charter compulsory for every government office and extend it to public sector first and then if required to private sector also. The charter should clearly indicate proofs required, person to receive the papers and time when the certificate could be collected. In addition there should be emergency service available at additional cost. In both cases time table must be adhered to by the office and the public.
We are Independent Indians

Marching with flag doesn't confirm it is the best
Political party (ideal) should be open to all and must not hide any thing from the citizens. This applies specially to membership and financial transactions. Today's technology allows politicians and there parties open themselves to public through website. This would be convenient not only for public but also to politicians and political parties. Their spokespersons all over would know party mind quickly and correctly and all of them would speak the same language. Thus confusion would be avoided, no corrections would be needed and there is no need to say "media distorted what I said" Most of the political parties have websites. They should add a few more features like:-
1.            Registration of members of the parties. This should include full name, address, contact details like phone-email, Ration Card number, Adhar card number, voters' list number, postal pincode and other details like PAN, Basic bank account number etc. Party workers should guide members of their respective party in getting at least Adhar card, voter identity card and basic bank account in nationalised bank. This should be made compulsory for all political parties. Recognition of a political party must be based on members of a political party in various states in India.
2.            All parties must accept membership fee, donation etc. i.e. money received on any account either through cheque or bank transfer. Cash must be totally banned irrespective of size of the money involved. Political parties must place these receipts and expenditure on the website.
3.            Some of the political parties on their website give general information about respective party. However, no discussion takes place about any of the issues. They should provide a discussion forum on the website and any one should be allowed to discuss.
4.            Political parties should discuss present issues in all respects and put for polls. There could be two types for registering vote i.e. for regular members alone and open to all irrespective whether member or not. In order that every person visiting the website understands the issues, difficulties and solutions put forward by the party it should be in all Indian languages. This should be for all information on the website in all Indian languages.
5.            Political parties should provide space for citizens to place their views for selecting a candidate for voting in any election. Criteria obtained from citizens would help in understanding issues dear to citizens for which politicians should explain situation and find solutions. Politicians also should encourage citizens to place their individual solutions for various issues; both short term and long term.
6.            People understand photos more than text. Photo gallery under various headings with brief introduction and explanation should be put on website. This will help in spreading their messages and convincing voters, "why they should vote a politician and political party?"
7.            There should be provision to securely store and accessible to respective members only, their own scanned copies of Adhar Card, Ration Card, Voter's Card and some more important documents like "Will" on the website. Storing of these documents should not be compulsory though.
There is a possibility to add more "dos" and "don'ts" This will need a detailed debate where almost all Indians participate and express what they want and politicians find how that can be given. A party which succeeds in understanding problems, find solutions and improve individual condition of every Indian i.e. achieve development of mind and body, is the political party needed by India. Every Indian should make his own criteria for finding which ofthe politician is the best for voting. If each and every eligible citizen thinks on this and accept only a politician capable of leading citizens in every situation, participate in voting during election and keeps away from corruption such a political party shall not be a dream.


Pammudada said...

It will be more better that if we all human either have or being compel to have Humanism as Only one Universal Religion ,then to have so many Religious war between each others religion by declaring such war as Dharma Youdh ,or Jehad Or War as our religious duty or Subha Karma,and murder so many Innocent people on the pretext of So Call man made Religions

Jana Hitwadi said...

@ Pammudada, As per Indian philosophy and Indian saints there is only one religion not only on earth but in entire universe. Swami Vevekananda validates it saying religion has 2 parts viz, Vedanta (Philosophy) and Smriti (Laws and rules). Where as Vedanta is universal and eternal, Smriti is dependant on place, time and society. This shows us where we go wrong. We consider Smriti as religion and fight among ourselves. Smriti changes even if 1 of the related conditions (place, time, society) change. We need to understand this and spread all over as message from the saint Swami Vevekananda, who was/is/will always be no less than the god.

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