Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Scarcity of Manpower in Police Force:

A news item says there is shortage of more than 1300 IPS officers. In fact in police force shortage is experienced all the time. There is so much manpower is available in India, there are so many unemployed and still there is shortage of manpower in every place whether the government sector or private sector. Reason given is trained manpower or capable persons are not available. On the other hand trained manpower from armed forces is wasted. They are used as chowkidars or security officers in private sector. The government doesn't even think of making use of this disciplined trained force.

Armed forces need young manpower all the time. They select physically and mentally suitable persons with intelligence. They are meticulously trained to fight under any circumstances and win. Many retire between 25 years and 35 years depending on rank they rise up to. Jawan may retire at say 25 years old and Lt Col at the age of 35-40 in army and equivalent ranks in Navy and Air Force. All these are fully trained and possess desire to work further for say 20 to 35 years. This trained manpower can solve many problems. There may be fear in minds of politicians that army personnel so employed may cause trouble or may over throw civil government. This is true in many countries but not in Bharat. These personnel are truly democratic and far less corrupt than their civilian equivalent. Bharat should give them a chance to serve nation till accepted age of retirement.
Army personnel are well educated but may need some training before they are given responsibility in civil atmosphere. Army can organise courses for those who are to retire during next 6 months. A period of 3 months should be adequate for training. Civil service should help in training and those who prove to be up to mark should be selected for a particular service.
This would have an added advantage. Once people know that they can obtain a job via armed forces many would try this root and both armed forces and civil service shall be benefited with adequate and the best manpower for them. The government in consultation with armed forces and civil service should decide on service conditions and monetary compensation for the manpower. This is not only true for police force but almost all civil departments and posts.

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