Thursday, 15 September 2011

Education and Employment:

India is nation of young people meaning we have manpower for doing development and routine work. Literacy rate in India is increasing continuously. Among males it is over 80% and female over 60%. All young persons wish to earn their livelihood and there is demand from all sectors viz the government, public and private sectors. However, in spite of demand and supply there is simultaneous situation of unemployment and non-availability of manpower. This is the most trivial problem and needs a solution.

Those seeking employment think they are well educated. They have certificates and degrees from well-known educational institutes. They have done well in all examinations and scored good marks. So there should be no obstruction in finding a job. On the other hand employers complain that although there is great response from job seekers the right person is hardly available. In their opinion is a right person means a person who would start working on the first day of his/her employment. When educationists are asked they say we teach only language. We make student ready to learn from books, society and practical problems. This may be true. I read Wrangler Paranjape telling in one of his addresses that universities teach languages so that student in their career are capable of understand various subjects and there implementation in practical life. I fully agree with this. During his time languages taught were a few and may be adequate for a university graduate to get settled in practice. In today's world the languages have increased many folds and most of the languages needed in practice are not taught at all. There is a great need to add these languages to prepare student to accept challenges in their practical future life, life after completing education in institutes.
It is proved that India is a rich county but almost all Indians are poor. Many Indians have found place in the list of richest persons in the world, many Indians have bank account outside India. It is estimated that a few trillion dollars worth deposits are in foreign banks. However this money is locked and is not available for development of the nation. Therefore, education is to be managed from whatever funds available so as to ensure that Indians are not taxed more. We need a plan to ensure that students are educated to make them adequately capable to deal with the ground work from available resources. This is a challenge but can be accepted. I have a few suggestions to work on problems to fins a solution.
I have elsewhere suggested that our education system could be improved within the available resources. Capability of a student can be gauged through improving system of examination papers and they should be given choice to suit their individual achievement. This could be improved further by adding subjects in the present syllabus with little additional cost. As an example students who cannot cope up with higher study after secondary school examination should be allowed for profession courses like ITI and ATI. Those who can take up higher studies should be given choices which they can use for studying in a specific field or getting appointed for specific jobs. As an example consider joining National Defence Academy (NDA). The basic qualification is Higher Secondary School. In addition there are other selection criteria and quality of mind and health. Those who wish to join NDA should be tasted and those who are found fit should be given training during their regular course of 2 years of Higher Secondary Education. Staff shall be required for training. Other education aids and equipment shall be necessary. However Junior colleges individually may not be able to manage resources needed. Also individual colleges may not have sufficient students to undergo specific training. This leads to solution that says 6 colleges should join together and run this course. Each of the participating colleges may pay for say 25% of pay of any other individual teacher and 16.7% of expenditure on other resources. These could be arranged in a specific college and one day per week should be allotted to each of the participating colleges. If there are more specific courses then each college should make arrangement for a specific course and other should take advantage of the course one day per week basis.
Similar arrangement can be made for graduate and undergraduate students in different faculties. The aim should be when a student rolls out from university he can undertake responsibilities in the market. For competitive examination for service in the government or other sectors. There should be syllabus which included study for competitive examinations. Students should be allowed to appear for competitive examination while taking postgraduate training. This should be organised in such a manner that when results are declared the student joins his job next day.
There may be some more solutions. Those who can device more solutions may post here as comments.

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