Saturday, 24 September 2011

Is helping Citizens doing unauthorised Construction Right?

Citizens are demanding illegal demands and that to as if that is their fundamental right. Generally theses are as under:
1. Additional construction in a flat or house beyond authorised FSI.
2. Rehabilitation of residents in slums constructed inside flood line of a river.
3. Rehabilitation of slums in the same place where slum exists.
4. Regularising buildings constructed within Red Zone.
5. Regularisation of small plots less than 100 or even 50 square metres.
6. Free flat in residential area.

People are claiming that land prices have gone up and not affordable. Therefore, whatever they have should be considered for higher fsi. In fact no one says 'should be considered' but insist on giving extra fsi. They are right. Land prices are up many folds. However, this is true for urban area and cultivated land with water source. There remains cheaper land too. This land cannot be used for housing. Reason is simple. It is away from transportation facilities for people to reach their work place, utilities needed for people to stay and availability of daily needs nearby. This is the reason why people wish to stay in area where suitable and affordable land is not available. This is the reason why people do not follow norms and rules and ask for regularisation of the occupied premises.
On the other side see the danger to which people are thrown. With increase in density of people all services collapse. Sufficient water is not available, electricity breakdowns get more frequent and electricity at proper voltage is not supplied. Drainage lines can not cope up with extra load and overflow on road. Waste food and other dirt heaped near house. No adequate road for even 2 wheelers. No parking area for vehicles. No open space for children to play. No area for senior citizens for relaxation. Those who stay in flood affected zone always have concern about flood water getting inside their residence. During floods they have to vacate and find shelter some where else. Due to this construction flood level increases as the water is obstructed by the construction. Even area through which water can flow is reduced. This increases flood affected zone. Houses which have never been faced by menace of flood get affected by the flood. Military establishments have to store their ammunition safely in their area. In case of accident the ammunition can explode and affect nearby area. Military establishments determine the area in which would be affected by accidental explosion of ammunition. This is named as RED ZONE. It is expected that no one should live in this area. However, people do construct houses and demand that red zone should be reduced. Military cannot reduce area. This is a safety measure for the people only. The same people after an accident would never accept that it was their decision and whatever loss occurs due to accident is their responsibility. On the other hand they shall be first to go to judicial court against Military Establishment and ask for compensation. People purchase land say 25 square metre and construct 4 story house. This is not a scares example but all in that area do the same and then approach the authorities to charge penalty and regularise the same. Authority is forced by people's elected leaders to accept this demand as if by paying penalty they are doing a great service to the town/city.
In spite of all these unauthorised people's demands it is necessary for the government to take action to provide land at affordable price. This is responsibility of the government. Solution has to be found without trespassing engineering and town planning rules. This is possible. I have placed the way how it can be achieved here. What we need is scattered population and not concentrated population. This would make difficult to destroy India by neighbours like China. Demons like terrorists shall find it difficult to attack India. If we follow this path people would get land at affordable price and there shall be no congestion in cities and towns.

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