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Diet to Boost Memory:

Diet to Boost Memory

Spinach i.e. Palak
Are you forgetting things quite often? You may not be having the right food. Loss of memory is may not necessarily be Alzheimer but if not taken care of may lead to be. At an age when the trend is of multitasking, we are overloading our brain with so many facts, that loss of memory has become a common fact. This is not only the case with professionals but also among children. Diet plays an important role in boosting memory.
Researchers have proved that diet to boost memory is the best way to enhance the brain power. Let's look at the best diet to boost memory –
1.      Spinach (Palak)  – Spinach is a rich source of high folic acid. The presence of this acid makes it the best diet to boost memory. Regular intake of spinach reduces the risk of Alzheimer by 70%. Half cup of spinach meets two third of your daily requirement of folic acid.
2.      Blue Berries (Jamun) – Blueberry is a good source of anothocyanin, which is the memory boosting phytochemical. This chemical regulates and enhances the working of the brain. This is one of the regular diet to boost memory.
3.      Apple – An apple a day keeps doctor away but till recently it was a little known fact that apple is one of the best diet to boost memory. Apple has high levels of Quercetin. This chemical researchers have proved to be one of the best way to prevent memory loss.
4.      Onion – Onion a regular member of Indian culinary is also good for memory. It contains anthocyanin and quercetin. Onions have been used as diet to boost memory since ancient times.
5.      Fish: Fish a well known diet to boost memory is a rich source of Omega 3 fatty acid. It provides brain with essential fats which regulates brain functions.
Regular intake of this diet to boost memory can prevent you from many other brain related illness.

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