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Health Care Tips:

Eat a Fruit

Blue Berry-SuryaNamskarOnChaur
Pranayam: Controlled Breething
I have collected information on health care from internet and emails received by me from friends. This information has not been authenticated by me. Except drinking water empty stomach and walking. I have not used any other medicine. Some of my friends did use and do use the some of the tips given in various articles. They are satisfied with the effectiveness. So fare none complained about ill effect of the natural medication placed in various articles. However that cannot be taken as proof or accurate results. Effectiveness of these tips would differ from person to person. These tips may be followed under individual risk. I suggest that these tips should be tried under competent doctor in each of the fields. In my opinion there shall not be any side effect or ill effect of these practices. Whoever tries these is requested to place individual effects against each of the article for benefiting others. Your comments are valuable to all people of the world irrespective of nationality. Kindly come forward with your experience and help others. Thank you.
I am placing links to various articles here to make it practicable to search one's need.

      How to Get Blood in India In Case of Emergency.
   CANCER: and Lemon 10,000 Times Stronger Than Chemotherapy  

   Walk Your Way to Better Health: 

Walk Your Way

Brown Sugar
Water Theropy
  Foods that Heal:
   A serious note about heart attacks and Heart Attack Procedure:
   What Doctors' Say About Heart and other deseases:
   Water Therapy:
   Importance of Ketones & Globally Discarded Dangerous Drugs:

   Breathing Therapy:

   Cinnamon and Honey:

   Miracle Drink- Carrot, Potato And Apple & Some Tips from   Baltimore:

   Diet to Boost Memory:

Samba Banana

Water Melon


   Eating Fruit: The Coorect Way:

   Coconuts and Papaya:

   Rock Salt or Sea Salt:

Health Tips: General, Cough, Stroke and single recipe

Turmeric Plant

Turmeric Powder

51 Ways to Perfect Health:

 Turmeric: 5,000 Year Old Herb Now Considered a Health Breakthrough:
Surya Namskar on Chair

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