Sunday, 31 October 2010

Filing Nomination form and Scrutiny for Contesting Candidates

Forms for nomination and bio-data need to be meticulously finalised. The information asked must be just enough not more or not less. Size of information to be filled by prospective candidate must be well defined with a clause that lengthy information shall result in not acceptance of the nomination. Online information is the best method to ensure speed, quality and quantity of information. Software should be designed for online registration of nomination. This would help in deciding seniority of nominations registered. Most important is there shall be no room for mistakes and favours.

There should be facility for downloading and uploading (after filling information) all forms i. e. nomination; bio-data, sponsorers' data and any other form necessary. This would help prospective candidates to supply information fully and correctly. There should be condition that nomination shall be accepted only and only if deposit amount is paid in bank and information sent to election office 48 hours in advance. On receipt of the information election office must make arrangement for accepting nominations and other forms on the website. This could just saying 'Yes' against whether election deposit received and placing information about depositing amount. When the column is 'Yes' the nomination shall be accepted by the computer (internet). This provision shall avoid miscreants to file nomination.

Nominations so received should be scrutinised on daily basis and if some contradiction or mistakes found the same should be brought out clearly to the prospective candidate through email. Adequate but fixed period of time may be given along with respective account password through email. In case no correction is made by the candidates the nomination may be disqualified. There is a need to define this clearly. As an example if there are mistakes more than a predetermined number the nomination shall be rejected.

After the last day for filing nomination these should be checked for authenticity of information and rules to be followed. This should be done as per the practice in vogue. In addition signature and/or thumb impressions of the voters supporting a candidate must be verified with the election card issued to voters. Also bank where a voter holds his bank account should be asked for the bank details to confirm that the voter is having valid bank account. If a voter has proposed names of more than one prospective candidate, his/her support to prospective candidate who files nomination earlier should be counted and rest should be considered as invalid. This does mean that a voter must sponsor only one prospective candidate. The total number of sponsorers should be determined using software developed for the purpose. In case the number is less than (even by one number) the nomination of the candidate shall be rejected and his/her deposit forfeited. Final list of candidates contesting election must be placed on the website for information of all. There is no need to inform any one directly. Every one should find it from official website. There shall be no permission to candidates for withdrawal from the contest.

Using modern equipment the process can be conducted flawlessly and shall be just and right for every one. None shall be able to get favours from any officer from election commission.

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