Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Black Money is Result of Corruption:

Black Money
Honourable Anna Hazare has taken up fight with the government on behalf of the Indian citizens for making suitable authority to find and punish all those who indulge in corruption. Shri Ram Dev Baba has taken up another burning issue of black money invested by corrupt persons in foreign banks. Both have raised very dear issues to a common man. Both claim that they represent common man. Citizens of India are supporting both as shown by the media. However, there is a doubt who represents citizens of India?

In democracy only elected representatives represent people of the country. Unfortunately in the present system elected represent cannot claim they represent the people for simple reason none has been voted unanimously by the people. Firstly, 100% voters do not exercise their right to vote. Secondly, a candidate is declared elected based on number of votes he/she gets. Votes gained by no elected representatives are 100%, not even 51%. Elected representative gets just more votes than other candidates. This system needs immediate change. Solution may be second round of voting should be organised with just two top candidates i.e. those who gained more votes than the other remaining candidates. There may be a situation where more than 2 candidates get votes in the same range. Under such a situation more than 2 rounds would be necessary. Another point of concern is each and every voter does not exercise his/her right to vote. The government gives all facilities to voters so that every voter is allowed to vote. Holidays are declared, even for one voter election booths are established, election booths are within walking distance. These are some of the facilities provided by the government. In spite of this voters are reluctant. There are irresponsible voters who use the holiday to visit places or stay at home watching TV etc. This leads to conclusion that voting must be done compulsory for all voters. Registration of all eligible citizens as voters the government should go to voters for registration. After registration next step should be to punish those who do not exercise their right to vote on some pretext or other. This may be cancellation of ration cards, passports, degree confirmed by recognised universities, cancellation of domicile certificates, discharging from jobs, cancellation of business permit etc. There is a need to examine some genuine cases for allowing them to cast vote from residence. However, this should be examined and permission accorded well in advance of the election date. Although it is an ideal situation where a candidate is elected unanimously it is not practical. Therefore, criteria should be whoever gets over 50% votes in the final round of voting be chosen as representative of the citizens. Such an elected representative should be considered as citizens' representative.
There is another lacuna in the system. Present democratic system categorises elected candidates in two groups mainly ruling group and opposition group. Fundamentally people choose their representatives for betterment of their lives and prosperity of nation. Under such a condition who can be treated as opposing such acts. All elected representatives must be considered as people's representatives and elect their head who in turn chooses his team irrespective of political party to which a particular representative belongs. The head with the help of his/her team should take care of administration and planning. People's representatives should keep constant contact with people to understand aspirations of people and should not keep any stone unturned in achieving better living for the people. There may be a few persons like honourable Anna Hazare who would not contest election but do think for people. Such persons should be given all opportunities and their advice should not be ignored
The system needs modifications and removal of all lacunas to stop corrupt practices. Corruption generates black money. Hence, if corruption is stopped black money shall not be generated. Politicians contest elections not for representing people to but to get in to power. Power corrupts any one and every one. By ensuring a modified system of election it would become impossible for a politician to get elected using unfair means. Election of leader of house by all elected members i.e. doing away with concept of ruling party and opposition party would halt horse trading. Further making all transactions through bank i.e. totally stopping cash transfer over ` say 500 at a time and total say ` 10000 in a month while using low denomination currency notes would make it easy in accounting money. For more information read here.
Annaji rightly thinks that severe punishment would discourage people from corruption. However, the present government has tried to divert attention of public from the fundamental issue to an issue 'who all should come in the purview of the Lokpal'. If the ruling politicians can do such a trick it could be expected that while implementing the act politicians can play tricks to make it ineffective. This is past and present experience that in spite of strict laws politicians can get away with many crimes. In my opinion Annaji should insist on effect and not on wording. Politicians can always be asked why a particular effect is neglected. If wording is insisted upon, politicians shall have free area to abuse the bill just in the same manner, they abuse other laws. Annaji is requested to insist on severe punishment like hanging in public to death for crimes committed after passing the bill rather than wording of the bill.
Babaji's thinking is for the people. Media has published huge figures of black money invested by some Indians in foreign banks. Media is showing impossible dreams like 'how this money can change life of the people'. Media says No one need to pay any tax for 30 years, if the black money is brought back to India. Common man gets lured by such declarations and blindly demands that the government should get back all money in say a week's time. We forget that the banks who accepted deposits from demons do not keep the money in their custody but loan it to others who need it. So it is impossible to get that money back. Depositors know it and their dark mind keeps on improving deposits. Practical solution would be, first stop generation of black money while claiming deposits in the foreign banks by the government. This means further generation of black money is stopped and all deposits are transferred to the government of India. A rule should be made that death penalty shall be the only penalty for such crimes after the bill is passed. My humble request to Babaji is to make efforts to first stop further generation of black money while establishing government right over existing black money.

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Jana said...

Reserve Bank of India has issued directives to all scheduled commercial bank to make available Zero balance account named as Basic Bank Account to every one. The account shall have facility for Debit cum ATM card at no extra charges. Therefore every eligible person can have a bank account in near future. This is the first step towards eradication of corruption in public life. I had suggested this in my article @
Now there is a need the citizens press their demand for other bank accounts. Social workers and leaders can take up this issue and succeed.

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