Tuesday, 19 July 2011

My Contribution for Fight against Extremist/Terrorist Attacks:

Every person in the world can and needs fight against brutal attacks from extremists and terrorists. There is a need from the government to support people. Every one in the world should think and find ways and means to face this challenge. Fundamental reason for such attacks is hyper mania. Such maniacs have sort of procedure to plan and execute their bloody acts. Earlier blasts in various places in the world, especially in India show that they have a network with headquarters in Pakistan and sleeper cells in India.
They carry out thorough recce (reconnaissance) of places and plan a blast. Whatever material needed they buy from local market. They have effective communication system. The boss knows what is happening and gives instructions to players on ground. Indian media is highly enthusiastic to relay every thing happening at the place of attack. Media doesn't understand that their act would help the maniacs to organise their activities. All these aspects need through scrutiny so that a solution could be found to stop such attacks getting successful.
       While studying terrorist it must be remembered that Every Muslim is not terrorist although almost all terrorists are Muslims. Second aspect is these terrorists don't like to reduce their population i.e. they want all Muslims must remain Muslim and shall not get converted to any other religion. We who are suffering from terrorism must make use of this weakness to reduce threat from terrorists. All refugees from Muslim countries must be helped only if they volunteer to adopt religion accepted by the government of country receiving refugees.  The refugees when they return to their country can easily get converted back to their original religion. This aspect is highly important  & must be given due importance.

India attracts tourists from all over the world. It is common that tourists take photographs and also films of laces they visit. However, this is limited to places of tourists' attraction. As an Indian I can differentiate in places of tourists' attractions and crowded places. Therefore, if I find a person who indulges in surveying and taking photos of other than tourists' places of attraction where photography is permitted I should get an alert and inform the incidence to local police. If possible I should take photograph of the person and try to find more information about the person. Whenever I find a person taking keen interest in certain place which otherwise is not interesting to tourists I shall find as much information about the person including his/her photograph and convey to nearest police station. I shall be more alert when an outsider takes keen interest in place of worship or place visited by white tourists or place is generally crowded. I will keep my eyes and ear open for such activities and ensure that the information is given to right person. I can do this provided there is a backing from the government. I should be told the right person and right way to convey information and my name and description must be kept secret. The reason is I should not be targeted by the demons.
Sleeper cell is most important factor in all these attacks. Any one can be in the sleeper cell. Members of sleeper cell do not know much. Mostly they carry out a small task knowingly or unknowingly. Demons have groups. However, the group members do not know who others are in the group and what they do. Only the person who organises attacks knows every thing. Fundamentally sleeper cell members are persuaded using religion card. The next choice is money. As a citizen if I come across a person who is doing some abnormal activities like buying explosives or even things needed for daily use but in bigger quantity than necessary, I shall inform right authority. I expect that protection authority shall give me full protection and keep my identity secret even if my information is not found important. I further expect that if my information is useful the person who directly or indirectly help demons shall be hanged to death irrespective whether his part is 0.01% or lower or higher in such attacks. This would be taken more seriously by the government if the support is provided based on religious aspect(s).
I shall expect from the government to ban media which helps demons giving up to date information on their channels to demons for at least 25 years. I also expect that the person from media responsible for such broadcast is sent to life imprisonment and banned from employment in this field. I further expect that the government truly behaves like a secular government meaning her decisions shall not be based on any religion but represent people's wish.
Maoists and Naxalites are changed now. Under the pretext of common man not getting just and favourable treatment they are supporting wish of a foreign nation. I expect the government encourage population exchange between areas affected and not affected by such demons. It is easy for the government to exchange children for education. Provide openings in media like television and show stories and artists from these areas along with other area.
In my opinion I represent a common man and above acts shall help the nation in fighting against all demons whether extremists, terrorists, Maoist, Naxlites or any others similar to these.

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Jana Hitwadi said...

Now terrorists have established a nation called Iraq & Syria Islamic State in short ISIS. This state has armed forces. Armed forces recruits are basically from Iraq & Syria. However they don't have adequate human power for jobs like cleaning, cooking etc. For these jobs they are recruiting girls. Firstly they started with Yazidi girls. However, Yazidi population is meager and the girls are not reliable ISIS thought of Muslim girls. Muslim girls are considered mature once their monthly period starts (MC). Second advantage is minor girls can easily be lured and trusted for all needs of soldiers 24X7. India is having largest population of Muslims in a single nation in the world. Therefore, ISIS can rely on steady supply of staff for supporting armed forces. ISIS has lured some Muslim boys of minor age also. However, girls are more useful and hence in demand. Those who believe in women purity must work for this cause and stop smuggling of minor girls to ISIS.

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