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Why Demons are Targeting India, Pakistan and Afghanistan only? Solution?

Recent bomb blasts all over India Pakistan and Afghanistan show that the extremists in Pakistan are doing a heinous job. It is claimed that western countries such acts have been stopped by strict antiterrorist activities. There are no blasts in China. Reasons for these may be different what are thought off. There is a need to go in to fundamentals of terrorists and attacks. Surface information may not show the real conditions and facts.

In my opinion following are the fundamental reasons for such attacks.
1. Wrong interpretation of religion.
2. Training of children in Terrorist activities.
3. Demolition of British Empire (UK).
4. Natural resources like OIL, iron and other ores.
5. Requirement of man power in western countries for manual work.
6. Competition among countries to rule over the world.
7. Financial Support.
8. Support by Muslims in other counties including India.
9. There may be more reasons and readers may add those in comments on this article.

Wrong interpretation of religion:
Fundamentally there is only one religion not only in the world but in universe also. Fundamental principle of every religion is brotherhood. Brotherhood is needed to keep a society cohesive. Intelligent and selfless persons all over the world established religion in a particular location at a particular period of time for a particular society. However, all religions were not established at the same location, at same time and for the same group of people. Therefore, although fundamentals of all religions are exactly same. Rules, regulations, customs and traditions are based on circumstances. Pastors all over the world have given emphasis on rules, regulations, customs and traditions rather than fundamental theme of brotherhood. Pastors are hardly interested in society. They are the most selfish persons on the earth. In India the god has 2 identities. First is Ishwar meaning the god as understood in most of the other religions. Second identity is a person who works for others even at his/her own cost. Persons who put others in trouble even while self suffering are known as demons. All terrorists all over the world and Maoists, Naxalites etc. in India fall under this category. Pastors make demons from humans for their personal security and desires. All over the world pastors are converting humans in to demons. In Muslim countries this activity is in large scale and in Pakistan the highest. Islam has different sects. However, Muslims from one sect don't consider Muslims from other sects as Muslims. Thus religion is used by extreme pastors to gain power for their selfish interests and therefore, they train terrorists.
Training of children in Terrorist activities:
Children can easily be moulded the way one wishes. Demons make believe children terrorist activities are necessary to safeguard religion and one can protect self only if religion is protected. Although this is correct but it is applicable to brotherhood theme of every religion and not for rules, customs and traditions. Rules etc. are relative to time, place and society and are different when any of these factors change. Almost all Muslims and some Christens don't understand this. They, especially Muslims, train children to hate persons belonging to other religion and project portion of the rules which direct that believers are expected to kill and/or tax non-believers. Children accept this in totality and even when they grow up their thinking remains same. Such children are ready to sacrifice their lives thinking they are doing as per the requirement of religion.
Demolition of British Empire (UK):
British Empire covers most of the world in all continents. USA had been the first to get independence from British Empire. However, for a long time other countries were governed by the British. British acquired enormous wealth from other countries and enslaved citizens of those countries. Although all countries are free now, people have not yet forgotten the history and specially treatment given to migrated people to UK from these countries. People who believe in Islam are more particular and they react violently. Islam does not accept any modification or change in whatever is given in books. Migrants who believe in Islam want the national laws should be modified to suit Islamic laws. This demand is not justified though.
Natural resources like OIL, iron and other ores:
Developing countries in Africa and nations believing in Islamic principles except a few have great treasure of natural resources. Western developed countries want these resources for their needs and are ready to any thing including force to get the same. This has resulted in feeling of injustice especially in Muslim countries. Americans have used force to keep control over these nations. As the saying goes even when a cat is pushed to wall it jumps and tries to harm the attacker. This is true under the circumstances. America is seen as a terror by these nations and try to face in their own way.
Requirement of man power in western countries for manual work:
Western countries are scarcely populated and need manpower for unskilled work. The source is thickly populated countries and countries where jobs are scarce. Many feel that they are not treated like human and are not secured. This feeling makes people believe that the host country is an enemy. This feeling is particularly with people who believe in Islam.
Competition among countries to rule over the world:
Days of physically ruling over a country by any other country are over. Every country wants to remain independent at least physically. However, countries with economic power want other countries to follow whatever is beneficial to those countries and not for the other countries (i. e. countries having less economical growth). Other countries feel that the countries with high economic growth treat those as slaves. This creates rift between countries. Weak countries are not in a position to fight face to face so such countries adopt indirect methods. Pakistan is the present example of such a country. Pakistan is not strong enough to fight with western countries directly. She found helping terrorists is the simplest way to fight with western countries. Pakistan needs a reason to keep thinking of terrorists alive all the time. She chose India. Basic reason is India is a prosperous country and Pakistan is not in a position even to equal prosperity of India. By instigating people Pakistani rulers (unfortunately Pakistan is not ruled by the democratic government but other institutions like armed forces, ISI and other similar organisations) can divert public attention from development to survival of people. Pakistan possesses geographical advantage. It is situated with border between Tibet and the Indian Ocean. Chinese made Pakistan to part with strategic land and helped her to build a road joining road in a very difficult terrain. Chinese joined this to Tibet. The land parted with by Pakistan is not from Pakistan's territory, so no ill feelings were developed in Pakistan. Pakistan is forced by western countries to surrender to China, just to fulfil their lust for controlling world. Pakistan thus found an easy way to collect alms from various countries. Terrorism is a need of Pakistan.
Financial Support:
Terrorists are financed directly and indirectly by the whole world. Even India is financing terrorists of Pakistan or terrorists controlled by Pakistan. Terrorist obstruct all routine and development works. Contractors find an easy way to pay bribes. Money needed for bribing naturally comes from the cost of the work. This means the cost of work is enhanced to include bribes needed to be paid to terrorists. This is more applicable to India than other countries. This one way how India finances terrorists, indirectly though. This finance is not a major though. Major finance is from trading of narcotics. Weeds cultivated in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Pakistan occupied Kashmir are the raw material for narcotics. Almost whole portion of narcotics is sold in western countries, India and other countries. Thus the whole world is financing terrorists. Portion of finance is from Muslims who contribute willingly for terrorist activities.
Support by Muslims in other counties including India:
Muslims all over the world not only financially support terrorists but also provide help in supplying information, material, giving shelter and in many ways like planting explosives, storing bombs etc. This is the most important reason among others why the attacks succeed.
Solution as thought by me:
Deep thought must be given to the reasons brought forward so far. While finding solution these reasons and may be some more reasons must be given full consideration. In my opinion the world must come together to find a solution and should not work in independent closed compartments. America is fighting against terrorist for last decade or little more. USA is taking help from some western countries and Pakistan in her fight. However USA has not taken in to confidence the whole world. USA is proud for her strength and probably feels she doesn't need any help from any one. That may be true. She is in a position to kill a few terrorists. However, USA can never succeed eliminating terrorism from earth. Her weakness is oil. She doesn't wish to do any thing against her weakness and in no mood to sacrifice. USA invaded Iraq on flimsy ground. Terrorists didn't go to any country from Iraq. USA is ready to invade Iran. However, USA is no mood to invade rogue state. She did carry out a small attack to kill Osama though. This clearly points to the belief of Indians that there may be a secret pact between terrorists and USA and that may be the reason why USA was not targeted by terrorists after 26/11.
First and foremost need is all countries should have unity and take unanimous decision to cooperate without any reservation in a fight against terrorists. A charter should be prepared to find means to and to make terrorists ineffective. Financial support, training of children and support by locals are the most effective ways to get success in the fight. Farmers cultivating weeds for narcotics could be paid due amount of raw weeds and all cultivation should be destroyed. Farmers should be given an alternative crop and till the produce fetches equal amount they should be compensated. All nations whether affected by terrorists or not, whether poor or rich must contribute reasonable so the farmers could be compensated. Governments of all nations should provide adequate protection to contractors so that contractors need not pay any money to buy security for their people and work. All bank accounts of terrorist groups and individual should be frozen even if it's just a guess that these are involved in terrorist activities. Investigations should be completed speeding and either the money transferred to the government or accounts be opened depending on involvement of person/group. All nations, especially Muslim nations should not give any donations to terrorist(s). Rich countries should take initiative in opening schools for all children, especially in Muslim nations to teach children to love their own country rather than religion. Children should be taught to love people and not kill people. Wherever involvement of a local is found the local should be given death sentence and executed on priority. There should be no distinction based on degree of involvement.
Role of the richest nation in fight against terrorists is unfortunately selfish. USA considers Pakistan as her partner in fight against terrorists. If one looks in her past 20 years activities truth says USA was not concerned about terrorists or extremists or persons involved in heinous acts. Her interest is 'oil', 'trade rather sale with other nations' and security of her own people only whether in fatherland or any where in the world. There can be no objection for this provided the interest includes safety of others in the world also. Unfortunately this is not a true. USA allowed Pakistan to withdraw from Afghanistan and that may be the time Osama was taken safely by Pakistan troops to Pakistan. It can't be believed in that Osama could not be found for over 10 years. USA has such a system of surveillance that the satellites can read even news papers on the earth. Such an advanced technology it is difficult to believe that USA could not trace Osama. May be he was found when USA wanted him to be found! Thus role of USA in fighting against terrorists is not helpful to other nations.
China is another country which is not interested in helping any other country in fight against terrorists. There is great similarity between USA and China in this respect. Both are interested more in trading rather than fighting terrorism. Hence the world cannot expect any thing from these 2 countries.
Under the circumstances, India has to fight her own battle against terrorists, Maoists and Naxalites. India need to take not only lead but fight all alone as no other country would help her. I will suggest following action
1. Provide full protection to all those work on payment for the government and private sector so that no contractor has to pay demons for legal work and for safety of persons and machinery.
2. Minimum should be death penalty for following offences.
a. All Indians involved in trading narcotic drugs.
b. All Indians involved in terrorist's attack irrespective of the degree of involvement.
c. All Indians having knowledge about terrorists irrespective of quantum of knowledge.
d. All those Indians who do not take secular decision. Secular means not considering religion of a person(s) involved in a case while taking decision.
e. Politicians involved in corruption, black money, money laundering etc.
3. Warn neighbouring nations that any terrorist attack shall be considered as attack by that particular neighbour on India and India shall destroy that neighbour.
4. To gain this power India has to work hard and gain adequate strength to fight 2 or more nations at a time. Strength both in warheads and intelligence.
5. Politicians must stop making vote banks based on religion and caste.
6. The government should spend on uplifting of all with special attention on poor people.
7. Do not make any farmer landless. If some land is required for development work, consider 10 times the land needed. Redistribute 90% of the land to farmers leaving 10% for development. At the same time ensure training of locals for new job requirement, offer them job, provide them with better housing and communication etc.

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