Saturday, 30 July 2011

Why honourable Annaji and Babaji are placing their life to stake?

It is a fact that people of India are tired of corruption and almost all or against it.You may read more details here. Common man is harassed by corruption and corrupt people. In spite of this people may not be satisfied with a single solution of 'Lokpal' . Lokpal cannot stop corruption. Lokpal may be able to prove some of the corrupt people that they are corrupt and may be able to punish them. Punishment is no guarantee that a person would improve. Read reasons hereOnly Islam believes in severe punishment to keep a person on track. However, when this was accepted by Islam conditions were different. It is said that power makes a person corrupt and absolute power makes the person absolutely corrupt. In India to gain power it is necessary to contest elections. To get elected politicians use many ways and almost all ways need money. Politicians believe in making money after getting power is easy and a small part is invested to contest and win in election. This is the simplest, dependable method to make money using heinous methods.

There is absolutely no doubt that people want to get rid of corruption. However, simply one Lokpal (or institution of Lokpal) cannot fulfil aspirations of the citizens. Whatever method may be chosen to select a Lokpal and Lokpal may be honest, after giving absolute power, there is no guarantee that Lokpal shall remain honest. Money can change the most honest person in to a corrupt person. Money is highly powerful. It is difficult to choose Lokpal and not only difficult but impossible to keep him honest. If Lokpal gets full authority and powerful there is every possibility that he/she shall become a dictator. What India needs is a structure which would keep people in power honest. Let's consider religion and how religion keeps people away from unfair means. I am not talking about any specific religion with names like Hindu, Islam, Christen or any other. I am talking about religion. Religion is only one in whole of universe and it has no specific name. Selfless and intelligent persons who knew the society at their time and place established institution of the 'God'. The god is although is not visible is present every where and all the time. The god not only knows deeds of a person but he (may be she) keeps record of all deeds and felicitates/punishes a person according to deeds only. This had been embedded in minds of people and no person would even think of misbehaving. This institution was spoiled by pastors though. You may read here how. What we need today is to establish and institution like religion which shall keep persons away from corruption. Present election system makes people corrupt. Therefore, there is a need to change system. You may read more details here. Apart from this some more changes are needed. which may be read here.
I request and appeal to both the honourable personalities to give a thought to this and find a way to keep people away from corruption rather than allow people to go corrupt then catch them and punish them.

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