Sunday, 6 February 2011

Deadline for NATO Forces:

USA and NATO Forces would be out of Afghanistan by 2014. However, true picture would be known only by end of year 2014. This is clear from the various statement seen in news papers.

NATO and U.S. officials  warned that if Afghanistan had not made sufficient progress in managing its own security, 2014 was not a hard-and-fast deadline for the end of combat operations.
“We will stay after transition in a supporting role,” Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the Secretary-General of NATO, said at a news conference Saturday after meeting with President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan. “President Karzai and I signed an agreement on a long-term partnership between NATO and Afghanistan that will endure beyond our combat mission.”
NATO officials had previously said it was likely that tens of thousands of support troops would remain in Afghanistan past 2014 to provide training and other security guarantees to Kabul. But the statements by Mr. Rasmussen and other officials on Saturday were more definite.
Mr. Rasmussen said the aim of the agreement signed on Saturday was to hand security responsibility to Afghan forces by the end of 2014, and for foreign troops serving in the coalition, known as the International Security Assistance Force, or ISAF, to cease combat by then. But that deadline was also hedged, as officials have previously noted.

Question remains whether efforts of NATO Forces and Afghan forces would establish peace in the area. In my opinion no forces on the earth or may be in the universe can establish peace. Peace can be established only if it is established in the minds of the Afghan citizens. Muslim extremists shall never allow this to happen. Killing extremists also is no solution. penalising, punishing etc. are also no solution. Solution is possible only if it is found considering fundamentals of the reason(s). One of the reasons is some elements believe that there is no other religion than Islam which could bring prosperity and safety to the Universe. They have blackened minds of people right from childhood of the people. This wrong education is responsible for present condition in Afghanistan in particular and whole world in general. Hence solution lies in educating children in Afghanistan, imbibing in them the right meaning of life.

USA and other nations should think in this direction and establish schools in Afghanistan which would teach children that nation is a society and they should care the most for the nation. Any thing other than nation shall have the least importance.

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Duryodhan said...

It is about 10 years which USA and its federate countries are occupying Afghanistan, their motto is to develop and bringing peace as well as increasing income and improving economic situation. but unfortunately it is vice versa, everything is worsening day by day as there is no hope remaining for the people.

The best strategy is to destroy the poppy fields. Taliban shall be bankrupt in time. Their ability to indulge in war should be brought to zero. Check their bank accounts all over the world and cease those. This is a short term solution though. It should be used along with education.

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