Sunday, 31 October 2010

Filing Nomination form and Scrutiny for Contesting Candidates

Forms for nomination and bio-data need to be meticulously finalised. The information asked must be just enough not more or not less. Size of information to be filled by prospective candidate must be well defined with a clause that lengthy information shall result in not acceptance of the nomination.

Qualifications for prospective candidate contesting Election

(Revised on 31 October 2011)
Literacy of people in Bharat is unsatisfactory. Therefore, it is not possible to lay down high educational qualification. Possibly education standard could be say 9th standard pass from a recognised secondary school. Loyalty of a candidate must be given highest consideration. This means any candidate who jumps from party to party or from independent to a party or party to independent should get negative consideration. Based on this criterion a voter who is either a member of some political party or no political party continuously for at least six years continuously on the date of filing nomination papers for election only should be considered as qualified. However, this criterion should be applicable where loyalty is changed on and after the rule comes in to effect.

Election Procedure

Procedure should be foolproof and quick. Each and every step must be well defined along with time period essential to carry out processing. The broad steps are notification for election, filing of nomination by

Friday, 29 October 2010

Election Process suitable for Bharat.

Bharat has a good record in conducting elections at all levels. People have exhibited through their behaviour that there is true democracy in the country. This has been made possible on account that democracy is not being a new concept to people of Bharat. This has been embedded in them from generation to generation through Gramsabha. Approximately 50% people do not know how to read and write but every one is well versed with democracy.

Does Bharat i. e. India need a foriegn model of Democracy?

Democracy is the system of administration followed in Bharat since ages. Probably it exists since birth of this country. Gram Panchayat (i. e. Village Council) and Jat Panchayat (i. e. Caste council) are in existence since time immemorial. The only difference had been Panch (i. e. Member of such councils) was never elected through ballot process.

What could be done to Reduce Candidates' Propaganda Expenditure?

Its every one's experience that candidates spend millions of rupees on election campaign to propagate their candidature. We can't assume that this money would be recovered from legal payments the candidate gets after election.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Preparations needed for fighting against Corruption.

Facility of storing money in small size (high denomination notes) makes it easy for corrupt people to store their wealth acquired from unethical means. Expenditure on election campaign by the candidates is another reason for corruption. A solution is needed for these 2 issues. Prior preparations are must to resolve these issues. I would take high denomination solution first.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

आलमी भाईचारा (विश्वबंधुत्त्व-Universal Brotherhood)

डॉ. झाकीर नाईक, President Islamic Research Foundation याना स. न.
आपले AQSA तर्फे आयोजित केलेल्या समारंभातील 'आलमी भाईचारा' या विषया वरील विचारांचा सीडी वर प्रसिद्ध केलेला उर्दू अनुवाद ऐकला, समजून घेतला व त्या वर मनन ही केले. प्रथम या बद्दल अभिनंदन.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Are places of worship essential?

Places of Worship
Places of worship like temple, mosque and church were developed with a specific aim. Religion had been established for unity of society. Preaching of religion does need to be disseminated to all the members of the society.

Are Rules preached by Son of the god etc. are universal and eternal?

There are 3 faiths which claim superiority over all others. One faith believes in that the god sent his son to organise people on earth, second claims that a messenger was sent and the third claims the god himself took birth on earth.

Is the God Kind? And fulfils wishes of the Devotees for Offerings.

On one side it is preached that the god doesn't have any known shape, size or look. Its is also believed that the god doesn't have human feelings. The god is indifferent to all happenings in the universe. However on the other side the worshipers on behalf of general public stress that the god is kind to those who worship, present offerings and donate to the god.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Are religious Books written by the God?

Religious Books

Most of the faiths claim that whatever is written in their respective book is received from the god. A simple logic says it is impossible. The god is the owner of the universe, his presence is all over all the time, the god is management guru,

Monday, 11 October 2010

Deterioration of Religion and the God

Deterioration by Pastors
Concept of religion and the god changed with time. The god was taken as energy with no specific size or look. However, people could not understand it well. People like to have a symbol to grasp ideas and knowledge.

Friday, 8 October 2010

Society, Religion and the God

Society Religion & the God
Society here is taken as a group of people. Therefore, size of society varies with people in the group. When a person is at home society is the family, once the person crosses threshold of the home the lane becomes the society. In this order village town, city, zone, state, region, country, world and finally the universe is the society of a particular person.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Indian Money in Swiss Banks

Indians use Swiss banks to deposit money outside the country. Most of it or almost all of it is black money meaning earned from illegal source. Some of the retired officers from various Indian Services are making efforts to get back that money.

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