Sunday, 25 September 2016

Integration of India by Demolishing Caste system

मराठीत वाचण्याकरिता कृपया खाली स्क्रोल करावे।
It is claimed that India possesses an unbelievably rare quality i.e. unity with diversity. No other nation on earth has such a quality. In spite of differences other nations are united together in absence of caste system. Hence,India also can be integrated by demolishing caste system. If this is achieved not only nations like Pakistan but also nations like USA shall think hundreds of time before talking about India. Unity in diversity is our week point and hence, even Pakistan is teasing India. Major aspect of diversity is caste system which is unique for India. Religion also is another obstacle. However, many religions is a misconception. There exists only a single religion and this universal religion is based on principle of “Help Others”. Unfortunately general public understands religion from rules/laws preached by founders of religion. There is inescapable necessity to lay down rules or laws to be followed by every member of the society. Society is formed to increase strength to fight with enemy. Larger the society higher is the strength had been rule in olden days because fighting was more or less solely dependent on physical strength. Member in society were united with basic principle of “Help Others”. There are many occasions where a common man fails to understand to whom he should help. As an example take a situation of two persons running on a road. One runs to save himself from other chasing with a weapon in hand. The one who is chased comes to a crossing and takes different road to avoid the person chasing him. When the person with weapon chasing the first one arrives at the crossing he fails to see his prey and hence needs information. He asks about the direction taken by the person being chased. To give information in such a tricky situation is difficult. If information is refused it is likely that the person would kill, if correct direction is shown the person being chased may get killed. Hence, one side truth and other side life is tricky situation. To deal with such situations guidance is needed. Such guidance was provided at certain time for society living in certain place by intelligent and selfless persons who had good knowledge of the society. Such persons existed at different time at different places in different societies. Hence we have many more religions. Efforts are needed to educate people all over the world with fundamental principle of religion i.e. “Help Others” Reason behind many religions also can be explained for easy assimilation by citizens all over the world. Stress must be given on common fundamental philosophy of every religion and reasons for different rules/laws followed under so called different religions.

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