Sunday, 18 June 2017

Use Power To Integrate India And Not For Making Vote Bank

Can Government give permission to private builders/developers to construct 1 floor in each of four floors in building for which floor area shall not be considered while estimating fsi for the building. Accommodation constructed on these floors i.e. where floor area is not included while estimating fsi for whole building, shall be used for following purposes.

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Public Private Partnership i.e. PPP:

The government relies more on private partnership due to non-availability of adequate funds for development work. This is a welcome move. In fact Indians could not even dream of getting good roads in a short time of just a few years or months. However, there is a need to modify this policy. Off late citizens are complaining about the toll collected by the private party who constructed highways. Government does neither stop collection nor justifying the collection. This must stop. Government must make a policy for PPP so that neither of the parties loose nor suffer monetary loss.

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Town Planning in Smart City

Development of villages/towns/cities is undertaken for centuries. However, it is noticed by a common man that same mistakes or shortcomings are repeated over and over again. Some examples are non availability of safe footpath/sidewalk for use by pedestrians, non availability of public sanitary facilities within reach; specially for women, absence of traffic control etc. Although, solution can be easily found for these needs, in practice these are always neglected. Negligence can be considered as main hindrance. Space can be found even in existing places. New places must be planned considering all needs irrespective whether big or small, less or more important etc. Common man expects many things from smart city. You may glance at expectations.  In development of villages or rurl area there is an inescapable need of educating villagers about the government plans. All social workers and those in administration must give due consideration to this need.

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