Sunday, 30 January 2011

Incredible Man: Mahatma Gandhi:

If I am asked to write 5 names of the greatest men during last 5000 years in India, I will start from Rama, Krishna, Gautam Buddha, Chhatrapati Shivaji and Mahatma Gandhi. Where as Rama, Krishna, Shivaji used muscle power, Buddha and Gandhi used ethical power.
This doesn't mean first three didn't follow ethical rules. It only means they didn't try to convince evil minded people. They took logical action to get rid of them. Buddha and Gandhi tried to convert evil mind and encouraged people to do good things. This had never been done in any other part of the world during history of mankind. If I am asked to write 5 names of the greatest men during last 5000 years in the whole world I may not be able to stretch this list much.

The great scientist Albert Einstein felt that after a century or so no one would believe that there had been a man named Mohanchand Karamchand Gandhi. He also was of opinion that 20th century gave two powers firstly, power of ethics and secondly, power of atom. President Barack Obama feels he could not have become president of USA if Mahatma Gandhi was not born. Nelson Mandela gives entire credit of his achievement to Mahatma Gandhi. Winston Churchill was so annoyed because Mahatma Gandhi was not murdered while in jail. There are many more examples like these. Briefly, both his friends and foes accepted that Mahatma Gandhi had been a great man and influenced the whole world.

Such a man took leave of this world on 30th January 1948. At least on his death anniversary we pay homage to him by taking oath try to follow his path.

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Unknown said...

You need to know Indian History my friend. What about Netaji, Vivekananda, Mother Teresa? There many many more. You mention Gandhi in this list you have to mention these three name as well.

Anonymous said...

Yes true and why leave out Jesus Christ

Janahitwadi said...

Thank you Ravi and Anonymous for reading and placing your comments.

Ravi, There are many more great people given by India. I cannot and did not list all of them. Just keep size of article small. So I placed a limit on myself. I will welcome you and all to add more names and give there work towards humanity in general and India in particular.

Anonymous, Probably you missed my limitation given in the first line. I said "India" There are many more in the whole world. As regards Jesus he had been a great man who could be compared with Gautam Buddha. In case you wish to write about Jesus you are welcome.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sir,

I am glad to know that you were a militant. My ambition is to join Indian army and I am an ECE engineer. Please give me some tips or include some interesting topics about SSB interview in your upcoming blogs


You people are wrong who believe that Gandhi was/is great. Great people never died like this. He was responsible for the death of Shaheed Bhagat Singh Rajguru and Sukhdev. He also never criticize and try to stop the capital punishment given to them. Please answer me honestly ..Is the present India as per the Gandi's struggle for freedom? The corruption was there at the time of Nehru. We all were cheated the people like Subhash chander Bose and Bhagat Singh were batter than Gandhi.
See Gandhiii on Youtube.

Anonymous said...

If you think Gandhi was great & you are comparing him with Lord Buddha, i feel very sad about your understand.

Gandhi & Nehru were the biggest cheater Bharat (India) had ever seen.

Many people mentioned many more name like Sahid Bhagat Singh, INA cheif Subhash babu etc, they where the real Mortars.

Do you think we got freedom because of Gandhi, NO a BIG NO. We got freedom because of II world war. British Men V/s Women ration has droped to 1 V/s 6, i.e. 1 Men against every 6 Women. They where bound to vacant some colonies to protect their motherland. that's the reason we got freedom.

This B..... (Gandhi & Nehru) where playing politics before freedom & has started playing politics right from the first day of independance. Sardar V. Patel was elected tobe the first PM of free India, but Gandhi & Nehru played politics here also.

If Sardar would not have been the HM of india then, we may not see the india as we see it today.

Boycott this B..........

Janahitwadi said...

@Anonymous, Your thinking is prejudiced. You are a victim of wrong propaganda. What you wrote is not connected to the article.

Could you write your thoughts on other personalities who changed minds of millions of people and showed a path every one could traverse? Please do so.

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