Monday, 18 February 2013

Solution over Kashmir

Map of Kashmir from Wikipedia

Ask J&K Government ...
As per the agreed process of dividing India in to 2 independent sovereign states that is India and Pakistan. It was left to the rulers of princely states to join either India or Pakistan. People of Kashmir had approached the ruler during 19th century for conversion of all citizens from Islam to Hindu. This had been a tradition in Kashmir since ages. Religion of the people always had been same as the rulers. When rulers changed the entire population in Kashmir changed their religion. In known history the entire population changed religion from Hindu to Buddha, from Buddha to Islam, Islam to Buddha, and lastly from Buddha to Islam. Therefore truly speaking Kashmiris have same religion as the rulers. Pakistan used unfair means to capture Kashmir by sending troops in the disguise of tribal. Maharaja Hari Singh, then ruler of Kashmir, requested Government of India to protect the state from invaders. He used option available to him to merge his state with India. Government of India provided necessary help and pushed back Pakistan army. Due to pressure from world leaders India stopped the operation before every Pakistani soldier was pushed out of Kashmir. This resulted in a small portion of Kashmir under occupation of Pakistan. The border between Pakistan occupied Kashmir and Jammu & Kashmir state of India is known as Line of Control (LOC in short). This is the brief history of Pakistan trying to occupy Kashmir. More information is available on Wikipedia.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Does Super Cine Star Shahrukh Khan feel unsafe in India?

Answer to this question is big “NO” However, he has many times put it straight that he faced troubles because of  Khan connected to his name. He did undergo check at an airport in USA when he went to America 2 years back (2010). Since this incidence, he is bit worried about how people would accept him. This doesn’t mean that he feels unsafe for life. He is a great actor. His career is in full swing. If people reject him because he is Khan then his career as an actor would come to an end. Hence the feeling of “unsafe” is not on account of life but career. There is one more aspect. He being a celebrity and people do listen to celebrity, media persons ask his opinion about extremists attacks in India. Were he a Hindu, probably, media would not have asked this question. In a general sense it is incorrect to ask such a  question just because he is a Muslim.

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