Thursday, 20 June 2013

India needs integration:

In fact this is a global need of today. Every nation in the world needs integration. No nation in the world can afford to have different parties or groups with different concepts of solutions to their obstacles or problems. Disintegration leads to differences among groups. Further effect is quarrels leading to fights where in every group try to prove superiority using his/her energy totally against rival group. Thus the energy/resources needed for development of nation are wasted in internal fight. There is every possibility of some external agency would take advantage of this situation for its own prosperity or some advantage. There are many factors (reasons) which result in disintegration. Thermodynamics says natural tendency is disintegration. This science calls it as entropy. There is no single definition for entropy. It is sufficient to understand it as disintegration. This means natural tendency is disintegration. This raises a question when we always praise nature and advocate going with nature why should we go against entropy? The reason is simple. We don’t have enough strength to fight with nature for every issue. Moreover, in almost every case submission to nature is advantageous for us. The only exception may be integration in a society, which is known today as nation. (There is a great possibility that some time in future whole world or the universe may be accepted as society. This is a dream of Indian philosophy since a long time).

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Local Body Tax (LBT):

यदी आप गुगल क्रोम इस्तेमाल करते हो तो हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिये इधर क्लिक किजीये. फायर फॉक्स आय इस्तेमाल करते हो तो भी शायद पढ़ सकेंगे। प्रयत्न किजीये।
LBT Affected
Government does have responsibilities towards citizens. In order to fulfill responsibilities the government needs adequate funds. The government collects these funds through tax on citizens.

Responsibility of the government is divided in to 3 parts viz. Central Government, State Government and Local bodies. Central government is responsible for certain aspects of governance like foreign policy directly and other aspects like internal security through state government. Day to day problems of citizens like water supply are looked after by the local bodies (like municipality, municipal corporations etc.). All governments i.e. central, state and local bodies collect taxes from citizens at their own level. There is no systematic arrangement for collection of taxes centrally and distribution to central, state and local bodies. This has created complication for tax collectors and payers like wholesale and retail traders. This situation does warrant attention and resolve it for easy collection, control and distribution.

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