Monday, 16 September 2013

Whom Should Anna Hazare Support? NaMo or SoGa?

Anna Hazare

Anna Hazare has declared that he has no intension to join politics or participate in election. This is one of the good decisions taken by him. Anna’s fight is not against any individual but against the actions of an individual. Therefore, there is no reason why Anna should support either NaMo or SoGa? Both of them are politicians and interested in power for their own political party. Interest of nation is limited to the extent voters would vote for them. Anna is rightly considering issues and not individuals. Neither NaMo nor SoGa is interested in support from Anna. They know that Anna is for a common man. He would support every thing done by both NaMo and SoGa or for that matter any one in the world who works for a common man’s right necessities.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Concern over rolling down of Rupee:

Rolling Down

Improves Again

 We have accepted free economy and hence Indians need to accept falling capacity of Indian Rupee while buying goods. Many economists give many reasons for this phenomenon. However none is speaking about responsibility of common citizens and politicians. There are many ways to fight this situation for success. However, mostly politicians and their toons are highly selfish and worried about their own gains even if interest of nation is jeopardized. There is necessity of forcing politicians to work in the interest of nation. They should consider themselves as true servants of nation and not rulers over citizens. If this situation is changed not only the problem about rolling down of rupee but every obstacle faced by every common man shall be over taken. The present situation should be faced with immediate solutions and long term solutions. Immediate solutions could be as follows:-

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