Sunday, 19 June 2016

Is It Possible to Destroy Terrorists Groups Like ISIS, Taliban etc.?

Countering Terrorist Attack

Terrorist Attack Bus Passengers
Independent efforts are made all over the world to destroy terrorists in a traditional manner. USA is a strong nation in many aspects and is proud to kill terrorists. Other countries feel happy when more terrorists are killed at the cost of lesser number of national forces. However, it is like demons taking birth from every drop of blood of killed terrorists. In order to find a solution a deep thinking is needed to understand why terrorists have become terrorists. Study shall show that those persons who become terrorists are followers of religion with blind faith. They fail to understand why religion was developed and what had been advantages of the same. Why laws were made and why some of those have become redundant. Grownup terrorists may not be able to digest this but children would accept scientific explanation.  Killing terrorist who have blind faith in their action would not produce results. Each drop of blood of killed terrorist would create new terrorist. Hence, it is advantageous and advisable to hammer concept and laws of universal religion and basically onchildren.

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