Tuesday, 31 July 2012

People All Over the World want a Leader:

Water Snake
Wooden Log
It is a human tendency to aspire for a good leader to protect their life and make it trouble free. This is applicable to all animal(s) in the world and may be in the universe. People hate leaders who instead of helping milk them for self luxuries. I remember a story in Greek mythology where frogs staying in a pond wanted a king (king in olden days was considered as leader). I won't go in finding truth about it but would place the moral of the story here. To read full story click here,  and fable can be read here:  "JUPITER AND THE FROGS: While the frogs were hopping about in the freedom of their pond they began shouting to Jupiter that they wanted a king who could hold their dissolute habits in check. Jupiter laughed and bestowed on the frogs a small piece of wood which he dropped all of a sudden into their pond.

Friday, 13 July 2012

Question from a common man:

I received following mail. I have given my thinking in italics. I would appeal to all to place their respective comments here. Thank you all.
We live in a nation where
Police Helping Senior Citizen
1.            Rice is Rs.40/- per kg and Simcard is free: Reason is simple buying a simcard means spending on calls. Simcard user pays after getting it. Rice buyer doesn't pay any thing once bought.
Modern ambulance

Village Ambulance
2.            Pizza reaches home faster than Ambulance and Police: Pizza supplier gets paid only after pizza is supplied. Police is paid whether they do their job or not.
3.            Car loan @ 5% but education loan @ 12%: Manufacturers' pay the difference in interest rate by adding the cost to the loan amount.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Lokpal and Lokayukt Bill 2011: Suggestions from Public:

Rajyasabha selection committee headed by Shri Satyavrat Chaturvedi, member, Rajyasabha hasappealed to general public to place individual or collective views forconsideration by the committee.  I found it on 30 June 2012 here. Time given is 15 days from this date. I have my views based on it is more important to avoid corruption rather than prevent those through severe punishment. What I mean is circumstances must be created so that corruption does not take place. My personal opinion is punishment may deter a common man but not those who are experts in the field. They know that before punishment is awarded and executed there are many obstacles and the governing party may give up considering the procedure and time needed for it. Firstly, it is necessary that the controlling authority must come to know about corruption case. Next requirement is there must be evidence which can prove the case beyond doubt. Finally, after awarding punishment it should be enforced. There are many loopholes in the process and the corrupt person would take advantage of every loophole. In practice it is nearly impossible to reach the final end of the process. Therefore, a system should be developed so corruption does not occur. This means that root causes and other connected reasons must be studied and system should be modified. My suggestion is for this purpose. This may be included in Bill No. 134-C of 2011 in chapter 2, after item 10. This may be treated as item 11.

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