Saturday, 22 April 2006

Universal Brotherhood

मराठी भाषांतर येथे वाचा:
Hello, In present world religion has lesser role to play. The four pillars of religion viz, Fundamental Principle, Rules, Laws and Way of worship. There had been a lecture by an Islamic scholar Dr. Zakeer Naik from Bhivandi near Mumbai. He had given a lecture on Universal Brotherhood and concluded that there is no better religion than Islam for universal brotherhood. I thought over this and came to conclusion no religion is superior to any other religion as religion in the world is one as far as fundamental principle is concerned. The other pillars of religion are based on time, place and society and they keep changing. In the present world, rules are given in the constitution of a nation, laws in the law books. The only thing different is ways of worship. Why should any one bother how the other worships as long as it is in a authorised places like home, temples, churches, etc. or any other place accepted by the nation?

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