Friday, 30 March 2012

Lesson from Assembly Election Uttar Pradesh 2012:

Uttar Pradesh
Elections for Legislative assembly having 403 members took place during Feb-Mar 2012.
Uttar Pradesh in India

Ms Mayavati, Supremo of Bahujan Samaj Paksha (BSP) had been governing the state prior to election. She won the earlier election through social engineering. This had been a great trend and should have succeeded for development of state and the nation. However, she didn't try for making a cohesive society. She still followed the old method of dividing society in groups, offering things (this is a new method of corruption originated in Tamil Nadu), coming to power and ruling for self prosperity. Janata (Citizens) don't even think that whatever is offered is from State exchequer meaning their own money and not money of people who offer it. This is definitely swindling of public money. Money otherwise used for development of public is offered to buy votes. In addition Ms Mayawati tried to divide state in to 4 states. What could be advantage to the public? Yes, there will be advantage for politicians. This would result in 3 more Chief Ministers and many more ministers. Those who wish to be ministers would be benefited but not the common man. Janata proved her wrong.

Friday, 23 March 2012

पिंपरीचिंचवड शहराचा विकास आराखडा - 2020

Pimprichinchwad Corporation Main Building
पिंपरीचिंचवडशहर जरी विचारात घेतले असले तरी या लेखातील माहिती सर्वच शहरांना लागू पडते. शहरविकासाची जबाबदारी नगरनिकास खात्याची आहे. हे खाते कोण्याकाळी बनविलेली नियमपुस्तिका अजूनही वापरते. ज्या काळी पाणी, वीज, मलनिस्सराण, रस्ते, सार्वजनिक वाहतूक व्यवस्था वगैरे सुविधाना फारसे महत्त्व नव्हते व फक्त चटईक्षेत्रच महत्त्वाचे होते त्या काळचे नियम वापरून बांधकामांना परवानगी दिली जाते. बांधकामे झाल्यावर सुविधांचा विचार होतो. त्याकरिता जागा उपलब्ध नसते. त्यामुळे जागा मिळविण्याकरिता खूप खर्च योतोच परंतु, बहुतेक वेळा जागाच उपलब्ध नसते. त्यामुळे सुविधाच पुरविल्या जात नाहित. राजकारणी लोक जनतेला मदत करण्याकरिता अव्वाच्या सव्वा मागण्या करतात.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Is Atomic Energy Safe?

Anti-Nuclear Plant Rally
India i.e. Bharat is thirsty and hungry for energy. It is commonly accepted that per capita energy consumption is significantly low in India. However even this low demand is not met by the existing energy infrastructure. India need dependable source of energy. There is lot said about solar energy. It is considered safe and that is true to a great extent. However, harnessing energy at one place and utilising at some other place also would create environmental imbalance. Conventional sources of energy are also responsible for this energy imbalance. Therefore there is need to accept this imbalance and find a solution to meet energy needs unless we decide not to use any other energy source except muscle power.

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