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Old Age Homes:

Flat cum Old age Home for Senior Citizens

Senior Citizens in Park
There is change in the life style of people. Originally all over the world life of people had been slow and steady. Generally, children followed profession of their respective parents. It was more or less decided that son would continue work of his father. As regards girls it was fixed that they will look after family in a manner their respective mothers did. Hence, there had been no separation of members of family. A person would join family at the time of birth and leave at the time of death. His entire life span was spent with the family. This means whether a person is capable of earning or not his/her care was taken by the family irrespective of his/her age. Therefore, there had been no necessity of old age homes for people.

Development brought out selfishness of individuals. Every person started thinking about self, working for self and enjoying life for self. Children after certain age were considered by parents as hindrance in their life and freedom. Children were made to leave house after attaining certain age. Immediate result has been loss of bond between parents and children. The reverse also is true. Children find parents as a responsibility without any returns especially when they were over certain age. Children consider there freedom is in danger because of parents. The effect is new definition of family has been evolved. Family means parents and children below certain age. Grand parents and major children have seized to be member of a family.
Senior Citizen Taking Exercize
Every person has become clever in spending. He/she spends for individual comforts. Expenditure on parents and children is considered as waste. Probably people have accepted the philosophy “You came to world all alone all naked and you would leave this world all alone all naked” Every one wish to enjoy life for a period available. They have forgotten the theory/concept/philosophy of “Karma” This means forgetting universal law of work and effect.
Every person is trying hard to accumulate as much money as possible to ensure safe and enjoyable life during old age. Persons have stopped thinking that his/her children would look after that person when he/she is physically incapable to support him/herself. A person may be able to make financial provisions for future however, no one can make provision for love and care during old age. Old age homes in present state do provide some help but can’t take care of all the needs of love and care. Therefore system of old age homes needs modification to get best possible.
Old age homes should not be separated from general housing complex. Present trend is flats in big building consisting of many flats or group of such buildings. This is useful for providing common utilities for all the residents in the complex or building(s) in a particular location. Residents in these building need more than amenities like services of maids, technicians, nursing assistants, private transporters like auto rickshaw drivers and security personnel etc. Old age home should be added to this least. Service technicians and for old persons there should be flats of specific nature. For example each of the maid servants and security personnel may be given a flat of say 40 square meter floor area, every technician may be given a flat of are say 50 square meter floor area. Similarly there should be a few flats for old age persons. Such flat should be designed specifically and reserved only for old age persons.
Seniors Celebrating Birthday
Flat for old age persons should be a common facility of passage, kitchen and living room and independent bedrooms with attached bath/toilet rooms. Architect and engineer must ensure to plan and provide every facility needed in a way an old person could use. Bedroom shall be on the name of an old person and remaining facilities viz passage, living room and kitchen should be property of all people staying in the old age home. Legal successor(s) should be allowed to sale this room with common area legally attached to it as and when the person possessing the room dies.
It is possible that son or daughter of a person may be residing in same complex or in the same building. May be some relative stays in the complex. This would satisfy the love and affection along with needs of old persons. Nursing personnel, house maids, auto rickshaw driver, security personnel and technicians etc. staying in the complex would be dependable. There shall not be risk of security. Old persons shall get all needed help and love. Builders may think of providing flats for persons giving every service needed by the resident. Such flats could be common property of the society and given on rent to person whose service is required by the residents. Builder/developer should work on such a construction and implement the same. The government may help by not counting (F)oor(S)pace(I)ndex used for such accommodation i.e. accommodation for senior citizens and other personnel whose services are needed by the senior citizens. The government may approve certain floors say 1 in 4 in highrise buildings for such accommodation.


Unknown said...

You certainly have written a nice write up. Elderly care agencies Chichester also got a renowned name in this industry for providing an adequate amount of love and affection to the seniors along with respecting and supporting their independence, dignity and individuality.
Moreover, every single need of seniors are fulfilled here as the services are designed keeping in mind their desires and demands.

Janahitwadi said...

@ Liam lee, Thank you for information indicated by you @ It is an excellent effort to take care of seniors who have spent their life for country and children. There is a slight difference in conditions in India and western world. Family system survives in India even after a child reaches age much more above 18. Children love to look after their parents against all difficulties in the world. Similarly children even if they themselves become senior citizens still want to look after their parents. Seniors want to play with their grand children. However, needs of senior citizens change and they need separate premises to live. Many are not rich enough to afford independent residential accommodation.
Considering this I have suggested construction of apartment houses such that it accommodates senior citizens in certain rooms, Their children in certain apartments and added that service providers also should be accommodated in the same complex at certain well defined place. This way not only service needed by seniors would be at affordable cost but all other services needed by residents would be at affordable cost.
Thank you for your appreciation of the article. You may think over on suitable building layout and post it here. I shall be highly grateful to you. In case it is not possible individually for you, you may suggest this to your friends. They are also welcome to improve this article.

Arun Doshi said...

A wonderful and workable solution. All builders and developers should follow this. When they sale flats they can sale rooms for senior citizens in the same building to same flat owners who have living parents. This way seniors would be near children/grand children while children having their privacy

H N Gopalaswamy I undestand one of the state Govts has introdued said...

I am of the opinion that there should be only one Master Scale,from which for different posts starting pay be fixed without grade-pay by assessing each post on a scale of 10 for the involved responsibility,risk,minimum qualification for the post,etc by different departments according to their requirements,without having one scale for different posts.I understand one of the State Govt.s have introduced this Master Scale mehtod and hardly any grievances are there. H N Gopalaswamy

Janahitwadi said...

Please see article on VIIth CPC You may use this link to go to that article:-
I have recommended 1 pay scale for each of the 4 groups i.e. Group A,B,C and D. Certain rules based on pay scales+grade pay recommended by VIth CPC have been used. Once parameters are fixed the only variable would be starting pay and this can be fixed based on recommendations of future CPCs. You may find advantages of the system and write as a comment on that article. Thank you.

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