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Solution over Kashmir

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As per the agreed process of dividing India in to 2 independent sovereign states that is India and Pakistan. It was left to the rulers of princely states to join either India or Pakistan. People of Kashmir had approached the ruler during 19th century for conversion of all citizens from Islam to Hindu. This had been a tradition in Kashmir since ages. Religion of the people always had been same as the rulers. When rulers changed the entire population in Kashmir changed their religion. In known history the entire population changed religion from Hindu to Buddha, from Buddha to Islam, Islam to Buddha, and lastly from Buddha to Islam. Therefore truly speaking Kashmiris have same religion as the rulers. Pakistan used unfair means to capture Kashmir by sending troops in the disguise of tribal. Maharaja Hari Singh, then ruler of Kashmir, requested Government of India to protect the state from invaders. He used option available to him to merge his state with India. Government of India provided necessary help and pushed back Pakistan army. Due to pressure from world leaders India stopped the operation before every Pakistani soldier was pushed out of Kashmir. This resulted in a small portion of Kashmir under occupation of Pakistan. The border between Pakistan occupied Kashmir and Jammu & Kashmir state of India is known as Line of Control (LOC in short). This is the brief history of Pakistan trying to occupy Kashmir. More information is available on Wikipedia.

Pakistan now claims that because, majority of people in Kashmir are Muslims it should be part of Pakistan. A negligible number of Kashmiris also want to join Pakistan. However, it’s against the rules framed for partitioning India. The second excuse given by Pakistan is because of Kashmir issue, relations between India and Pakistan cannot be normal. It is further claimed that entire south Asia has turned in to an unsafe region only because of this issue. Pakistan has never tried to resolve this issue because the solution as per Pakistan is merger of Kashmir with her. This mean there is no possibility of discussions on Kashmir and arrive at a solution acceptable to both the countries. There is one more angle to this issue. A few Kashmiris want Kashmir to be an independent nation. This is also against the rules laid down for partitioning India. Thus it is seen that dispute over Kashmir is created by Pakistan and only a few Kashmiris. India being a peace loving nation never tried to use force to resolve this issue. However it appears that India should use force and find a solution.
Many in India would never agree to use of force. Firstly because Indians never used force in past for thousands of years unless some one attacked or challenged India. Second reason is Pakistan is an irresponsible nuclear power. Pakistan has declared that if any one in the world attacks her she would use nuclear power against India. The logic behind this is beyond thinking of every one in the world. Other aspect is Pakistan always challenges India through some mischief or other. These range from offering house and security to Shahrukh Khan whose grand father shifted from Peshawar to New Delhi after partition of India took place during the year 1946-47 to armed forces attack on part of India. So far India didn’t reply to Pakistan in the language understood by Pakistan. If Pakistan doesn’t change and maintain good relations with India, India shall be left with no other option but to teach life time lesson to Pakistan. There is a proverb meaning by whatever name you address a tiger it would eat you. Then why not call it by the any name comes to one’s mind? The time is fast approaching to destroy Pakistan. If the demon is not destroyed now it may grow up so much that it would become impossible to destroy. Pakistan is not only a danger to India but to the whole mankind. Entire world is unsafe because of Pakistan.
India needs to take precaution before tough action is taken against Pakistan. This may take 5-10 years or more. However, this is inescapable necessity. Security of India and barest minimum losses must be given importance. Most important is India’s growing cities and towns. Concentration in a small area makes it easy for enemy to destroy us. Therefore, cities need to be trimmed. A possible way is joining all cities and town with 300-500 metre corridors. This corridor would give enough space for communication and also for joining forests. This would not only provide for the present necessity but also future requirements. Along the corridor new small towns should be established after suitable space is earmarked and planned for development. More is availablehere for information. This method of distribution of population all over India would keep population and assets density to minimum and hence would reduce losses during enemy attacks. This would be helpful in keeping production of various products unaffected due to destruction by the enemy. This precaution needs highest consideration. Other precautions to be taken for war are well known and need not be repeated here. Whatever is applicable to Pakistan is mostly applicable to China also.
               The preparations for solution for Kashmir may take 5-10 years or more. Mean time a short term solution should be found for Srinagar area. Indian armed forces should guard border area. Area with suitable width along the border should be earmarked for armed forces. Armed forces should be made responsible to guard this area and ensure infiltration across the border is nearly stopped. The forces need to be deployed along the roads communicating with border in addition to along the border. Security of people in the interior of Kashmir should be responsibility of J & K state security forces. Armed forces or para-military forces should not be deployed in the interiors unless state government specifically requests for the same. Some may be thinking that extremists would destroy whole state once armed forces are taken off from interior of Kashmir. However, there is no possibility of such destruction by Kashmiris. Armed forces along border shall not allow even a single Pakistani to infiltrate in J& K state and Kashmiris shall not destroy their own property and people. 

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Santosh Pande said...

I really don't know why Indian government is spending thousands of crores on Kashmir? If people of Kashmir doesn't want Army then why the government is on deploying it on border and close her eyes towards massacre of people by terrorists in the valley. Let Kashmir police save lives of people from these extremists. This should be specifically for the Muslim population. Government of India must take care of other than Muslim population

To solve problem with Pakistan the government must be ready to demolish Pakistan within a few hours along with eastern coastal area of China. This shall ensure world peace.

The whole world must join in this efforts.

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