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India needs integration:

In fact this is a global need of today. Every nation in the world needs integration. No nation in the world can afford to have different parties or groups with different concepts of solutions to their obstacles or problems. Disintegration leads to differences among groups. Further effect is quarrels leading to fights where in every group try to prove superiority using his/her energy totally against rival group. Thus the energy/resources needed for development of nation are wasted in internal fight. There is every possibility of some external agency would take advantage of this situation for its own prosperity or some advantage. There are many factors (reasons) which result in disintegration. Thermodynamics says natural tendency is disintegration. This science calls it as entropy. There is no single definition for entropy. It is sufficient to understand it as disintegration. This means natural tendency is disintegration. This raises a question when we always praise nature and advocate going with nature why should we go against entropy? The reason is simple. We don’t have enough strength to fight with nature for every issue. Moreover, in almost every case submission to nature is advantageous for us. The only exception may be integration in a society, which is known today as nation. (There is a great possibility that some time in future whole world or the universe may be accepted as society. This is a dream of Indian philosophy since a long time).

Religion is the most common factor for disintegration. (Next is caste). Although some believe in that a particular religion is true and every person in this world must follow rules established by that religion, we forget that there can’t be more than one religion in the universe. Religion is basically established for educating people regarding their individual behaviour and responsibility towards society. This follows that there shall be certain philosophy rules and arrangement to ensure that rules formed are based on nature’s philosophy and are strictly followed by every member in the society. Philosophy is a constant factor and it neither can vary with time nor with location in the universe. Those who understand that there are more than one religion in a nation or world may ask some questions to themselves. Do you think some religion preaches “don’t talk truth” or “kill people” or disobey parents”? These are some questions. One may form many more such question and try to find if there is some religion as per his/her concept which preaches different principles than his/her own religion. There is no need to wait for answer. The answer shall be all religions teach the same philosophy. Therefore, we must accept that at least philosophy of every religion is exactly same. Indians named this as Vedanta. Vedanta is common part of every religion. If this is so why we understand that there are thousands of religions in the world?
 Religion is not only the philosophy but every rule also is an integral part of every religion. Philosophy gives theoretical concept. However, in practice there are situations where in a person may be not in a position to find the right behaviour based on the principle. People need help or simple solutions which could be understood and implemented in practice. This help or solutions are framed by intelligent, selfless persons in the society from place to place and time to time. One may understand that if rules of all religions were framed by different persons of similar calibre but at one particular time ant at the same place they would have been exactly same. This second part of religion is named as Smriti by Indians since ancient time. Smriti part of religion shall always be different for today’s known religion because this had been framed at different times, different places and for different societies. Indians believe in that there had been 10 different Manus governing the world and every Manu had different Smriti during every Manu’s time. In my opinion it is incorrect to differentiate religions based on Smriti. If this is understood by every person living at present or in future then my concept of a single religion could find acceptance.
Every religion accepts that there is some power which governs the universe. It is every one’s experience that wherever 2 persons are involved there is difference of opinion. It is our experience that Governance of the universe is smooth. Therefore, as per this principle there must be a single god in the universe. It is incorrect to think about different gods for different religion. In reality no one really knows identity of the god. There is a great possibility that the universe itself is the god. Every 1 of us is his/her part. This means the nothing could be hidden from the god. Hence, rules are following by one and all.
The second reason for creating differencesamong people is the caste system. This is specific for India. Certain castes were considered as untouchable for hundreds of years. Those castes were treated worse than slaves. In fact they were considered as some thing which could be used the way other so called upper caste person decides. They were not considered as human beings. Although legally the system has been changed but there is hardly any change in their living. This is the worst type of disintegration.
Third reason for creating differences among people is the language. Basically language is a tool for communication among persons of a society. Language is never the ultimate aim. However, people have a great quality named as possessiveness. This is extremely useful for integration. However, the reverse also is unfortunately true. Extreme possessiveness disintegrates a society. Based on administrative norms it is easier and the most convenient to form regions in a nation using language as a criterion. It is very convenient for administration. However, effect of insecurity makes people reject people speaking a different language. There is nothing new in this. This is found in history from beginning since man started living in tribes (or groups). This is a natural tendency as it is seen among animals in any forest. Every living being is selfish first. Any foreigner (person not belonging to a locality) is considered as a load on system. Residents have to share every thing with the foreigner. This reduces security. I know example of my father. He purchased land in adjoining tehsil (District is divided in to tehsils for administrative purpose) with a view to settle at new place (Different from where his ancestors lived). There had been resistance to this and the residents of the new place threatened him to kill him and his family. In shorts locals oppose any new person entering in there area and share the resources. Therefore, it is not the persons with different language but foreigners are opposed. Later the foreigners learn language and living habits of locals and become part of the locals. Not only the foreigner is accepted but the same foreigner later opposes entry of any one from outside. The best example to understand the situation is unreserved railway bogie. At every station occupants of the bogie oppose entry of those on platform. Those who succeed in entering the bogie are the first ones to opposite travellers on platform of the next railway station. This is not a difficult obstacle. Solution is given in the problem itself. Whoever migrates must follow the rule, "when in Rome behave like Romans" i.e. learn language and culture of locals and follow those at least in the society.
Fourth reason is economical difference. Society disintegrates if financial position is different among members of society. If some one gets easy money those who possess money also dislike such people. Those who have no money or no adequate money always criticize those who possess money. The criticism gets critical if the money possess by some one is using unfair means. Grabbing of money from others always result in disintegration.
Fifth reason is a new creation after independence. A new community known as politicians has been developed for governing India. During earlier period politicians were considered as social workers who shall work as custodians of power and run the system for the best condition of citizens. India borrowed western way of democracy without changing necessary conditions prevailing in western nations. It basically made politicians as kings with unlimited power and no responsibility. To be a politician only requirement is to get highest votes among contestants. Man always tries to find a short cut and these politicians are no exception to this. Politicians find it easy to get more votes if right amount of money is distributed. The other most reliable method is to divide people in to groups. Next promise some thing so that the citizens take part in voting and vote for the politician. Naturally the voting is always in favour of the politician who divides people in to groups. Voting pattern in India is approximately 50% voters come out to vote. It is found that upper middle class and rich class citizens hardly take part in voting. This means poor class votes. This is the reason why a small amount can make a politician successful in an election. After election politicians concentrate on using power for self benefits. They continue with amassing wealth and people get busy in fighting among themselves based on the division created by politicians.
Sixth Reason is caste system. Particularly for India this is the most responsible reason for disintegration of society. To deal with this there is a way you may read here:
These are some of the reasons for disintegration. Solution also is available in above paragraphs. I wish to summarise it is a few words:-
1.      Every person must understand that there is only 1 religion and 1 god in the entire universe. Vedanta is the portion of religion and that is the gift to human beings from the god. Smriti is composed by highly intelligent, selfless persons who cared for society and society only. Smriti portion of religion is function of Place, Time and Society. Hence in today’s world Constitution of a nation should be considered as Smriti.
2.      Abolition of caste system is the only solution for this. Medicine to achieve this is use marriage system in a way explainedhere.
3.      Every person when migrates must adopt language, customs and culture of the new place while making efforts to save his/her earlier culture etc.
4.      Creating infrastructure for 100% employment and getting rid off corruption are the solution to division based on economic reason.
5.      India needs a democracy which had beenpracticed for hundreds of years in past. Immediate solution is elected politicians must be held responsible for not achieving development targets and improving living of citizens bearable.
6.      Follow Vedanta and constitution of one’s nation and be confident that he/she shall be treated in same manner as others. Inshort while taking decision don’t consider religion or caste or any otherfactor which divides people in to compartments. This is what would be secular way to govern. Don’t make money through unfair means. Don’t allow any one to make money through unfair means.

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Madhav Bamne said...

Every one in India would accept that there had been no better person than Swami Vivekananda at least for last 2 centuries who knows “Religion” He placed before the world that religion has 2 parts first ‘Vedanta’ and second ‘Smriti’ Vedanta is universal and eternal whereas Smriti is dependent on at least three factors viz time, place and society. Therefore, Vedanta remains same all over the universe for all time and for every one. However this is not true for Smriti. What we understand as a religion is unfortunately is the Smriti. This is the reason we consider there are more than 1 religion in this universe. Every one would be convinced that it is incorrect to think that there is more than 1 religion. Concept of secularism takes this in to consideration and while deciding or taking decision religion of a person his/her religion is not taken in to consideration. This should be the basic approach to avoid disintegration of India.
Political parties in India do not work for integration but for their selfish gains. INC is trying every thing to keep Muslims happy irrespective whether it would be in the interest of nation. BJP openly declares that India is for Hindus. Namo says he is nationalist Hindu. If this is extended to all politicians one should not be surprised some one saying “I am Nationalist Christen” or I am “Nationalist OBC” or I am “Nationalist Tamil” etc. This division would stop at every individual i.e. when every person says “I am Nationalist myself” Fortunately, the country cannot be divided further.
The entire world should accept these 2 parts of the universal religion and take constitution of the nation as Smriti. That is every one accepts basic principle of Secularism.

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