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May I expect these in a Smart City?

मराठीत वाचण्याकरिता खाली स्क्रोल करा.
पुणे शहर बनणार स्मार्टसिटी!
का हो भाऊ, पुणे स्मार्टसिटी बनणार म्हणजे काय होणार? असे काही होणार काय?

May I expect these in a Smart City?

Government of India, in fact NaMoJi is very particular about smart cities. He has declared that 100 existing cities would be converted in to smart cities in India. For this purpose G of I and concerned state government shall provide Rs. 1000 crores (Probably this money may be per annum). Rest of the expenditure is from the resources of the city concerned. After spending huge money may I expect the smart city would be having following facilities?
1.      There is a problem of people coming to city to earn livelihood. These people initially stay on footpath and then find some vacant place and construct shacks as residential arrangement. Would this smart city have a solution for this? Would there be temporary sheds to accommodate job seekers and then find them permanent accommodation?
2.      Those who are staying in shacks (JJ colonies) need permanent houses. Would they get such houses at the rate construction cost at nearest location?

3.      Would working place and residence be within walking distance in such a city?
4.      Would administration reach citizens rather than citizens finding administration and spending money to make administration work?
5.      Would corruption become history?
6.      Would police be effective that no new crimes would be committed?
7.      Would government would be effective so citizens shall follow rules?
8.      Would footpaths be constructed suitable to pedestrians only?
9.      Would gates of plots stop opening on footpaths?
10.  Would it stop constructing ramps on footpaths vehicles entering/leaving plots?
11.  Would hawker and homeless get reasonable accommodation and stop residing on footpaths?
12.  Would town planning department understand practical needs and make rules to suit practical needs and avoid technical problems?
13.  Would a floor be available for every 3 floors in multi floor residential buildings which shall not be considered while estimating fsi to compare with authorised fsi for using this space for benefits of citizens and for following purpose? For accommodating senior citizens having close relation with flat holders, providing preliminary health facility, for small business of repair of home appliances, providing residential accommodation for persons from JJ colony at construction cost and for similar use?
14.  Would citizens be trained to make fertilizer from organic waste and other waste sorted to separate metals from polythene waste? Would metal and polythene waste be collected by the municipality and properly disposed off to raise funds for waste management?
15.  Would citizens be protected from all types of pollution?
16.  Would adequate play grounds be available to children?
17.  Would every school achieve the best possible standard of education?
18.  Would school be so close to residence that small children could walk to school?
19.  Would medical care available at affordable price to every citizen in city and around?
20.  Would Municipality take all precautions to ensure citizens don’t fall sick?
21.  Would government make laws which could be adhered to by the citizens?
22.  Would there be arrangement to prevent breaking of law rather than catching someone and proving that the person is guilty?
23.  Would culprits irrespective whether connected with politicians shall be afraid of police?
24.  Would police be a friend to a common man?
25.  Would there be enough places all over the city for parking of vehicles?
26.  Would government offices remain open on holidays for general work related to a common man?
27.  Would roads and especially road crossings be planned for traffic discipline?
28.  Would hawkers find a safe place around road crossings?
29.  Would lane arrangement be available for vehicles approaching a crossing so that choosing correct lane only would take the driver of a vehicle in right direction?
30. Would bus stops be constructed under over bridge to provide enough space for other ammenities?
31.  This list is very long and can’t be accommodated in a small article like this.
Basic question is mind of the government is changing and funds needed for work shall not be provided by the central government in full. Hence, whether the scheme would be implemented or not is not clear so far. None can tell about real execution of the scheme. There appears to be every possibility that what common man expects may not be executed through this and more stress would be on show rather than convenience. Further by concentrating eggs in a small place we are getting vulnerable for attack(s) from our enemy. It is up to politicians to study financial position and take suitable action.

पुणे शहर बनणार स्मार्टसिटी!

का हो भाऊ, पुणे स्मार्टसिटी बनणार म्हणजे काय होणार? असे काही होणार काय? (१) बाहेर गांवातून पोटापाण्याचा उद्योगाकरिता आलेल्यांना तातपुरत्या निवासाची सोय मिळेल काय? (२) बांधकाम खर्चाच्या किंमतीत झोपडपट्टीत राहणारांना घर मिळेल काय? (३) निवास व कामचे ठिकाण पायी चालण्याच्या अंतरावर असतील काय? (४) जनतेने शासनाकडे कामासाठी जाण्याऐवजी शासन जनतेच्या दारात येईल काय?  (५) भ्रष्टाचाराचा निःपात होईल काय? 
(६) सध्या अस्तित्वात असलेले गुन्हे संपुष्टात येऊन नवे गुन्हे होणे थांबेल काय? (७) नागरिकांनी नियम पाळावेत म्हणून शासन योजना करणार काय? (८) पादचारीपथ पादचाऱ्यांना दृष्टीसमोर ठेऊन बांधले जातील काय? (९) पादचारीपथावर इमारतीच्या सीमाभिंतीतील उघडणे थांबेल काय? (१०) वाहने सीमाभिंतीच्या आतबाहेर जाण्याकरिता पादपथावर उतार बांधणे थांबेल काय?(११) पादपथावरील विक्रेते व बेघर यांची इतरत्र सोय होईल काय? (१२) नगररचना खाते पुस्तकातील नियमाबरोबर व्यवहारिक सोई ओळखून त्यावर कारवाई करेल काय?  (१३) निवासी भागात प्रत्येक इमारतीत किंवा काही इमारतीत दर चार मजल्यातील एक मजला ज्यांना फक्त बांधकामखर्च देणे परवडते अशा कुंटुंबाकरिता, इमारतीत राहणारांच्या कुटुंबांच्या आई-वडिल-आजी-आजोबाकरिता, प्राथमिक आरोग्य केन्द्राकरिता, घरगुती यंत्रे दुरस्ती करणाराकरिता, रोजच्या गरजेच्या वस्तू व सेवा पुरविणाराकरिता व तत्सम उपयोगाकरिता राखीव ठेवला जाईल काय? (१४) शहरातील प्रत्येक इमारतील कचरा तेथील रहिवाशाकडून वापरून खत बनविले जाईल काय? त्याकरिता मनपा रहिवाशाना प्रशिक्षण व इतर मदत करेल काय? (१५) रहिवाशांना ध्वनि वायू वगैरे प्रदूषणापासून संरक्षण मिळेल काय? (१६) मुलांना खेळण्याकरिता मैदाने मिळणार काय? (१७) सर्व शाळा दर्जेदार तसेच समान दर्जेदार होणार काय? (१८) लहान मुलांना पायी शाळेत जाता येईल इतक्या अंतरावर शाळा मिळणार काय? (१९) वैद्यकिय सोई परवडणाऱ्या खर्चात मिळतील काय? (२०) आजारी पडू नये म्हणून मनपा काळजी घेईल काय? (२१) शहरातील जनतेला कायदे पाळता येतील असे कायदे असतील काय? (२२) गुन्हा झाल्यावर गुन्हेगार शोधून न्यायालयात खटला चालवून शिक्षा देण्याऐवजी गुन्हा होऊच नये अशी व्यवस्था असेल काय? (२३) गुन्हेगारावर (जरी ते राजकियपक्षाशी सलग्न असला तरी) पोलिसांचा वचक असेल काय? (२४) सर्वसामान्याना पोलिस मित्र वाटतील काय? (२५) शहरात (कार्यालये, बाजार व निवासी भागात) वाहने थांबवण्याकरिता (पार्किग) पुरेशी सोय  असेल काय?  (२६) नागरिकांच्या सोईकरिता आठवड्याच्या सुट्टीच्या दिवशी कार्यालये उघडी असतील काय? (२७) रस्त्यांचे तसेच चोकांचे नियोजन, वाहने शिस्तीने चालविली जावी या दृष्टीनेच होईल काय? (२८)  चौकामध्ये पादपथविक्रेत्यांची सोय होईल काय?(२९)  चौकामध्ये लेनची व्यवस्था होईल काय? (३०) अशा कितीतरी छोट्या छोट्या लोकोपयोगी सोई होतील काय?
स्मार्टसिटी हा उपक्रम खरोखरच होणार काय? याबद्दल खात्रीपूर्वक कोणी सांगू शकत नाही. परंतु, त्या उपक्रमातून जनतेच्या छोट्या छोट्या सोई वगळल्या जाण्याचीच शक्यता जास्त वाटते. तेंव्हा स्मार्टसिटीकरिता किती प्रयत्न करावयाचे किंवा आहे त्याच उत्पन्नात काम करावयाचे ते राजकिय पक्षानी स्वतःच ठरवावे.

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