Friday, 10 December 2010

Road construction:

There is a definite engineering for road construction. If engineering rules are implemented in construction and repairs the road would serve for a long time. This long time may be over 10 years or even 50 years.

All architecture and engineering of Road for knowledge of common Man

Today's conditions of almost all roads prove that engineering is not given any importance during construction and maintenance of roads. While planning a road area survey and soil testing would be the start point. Material used for road construction is an important aspect. Generally, ready made material manufactured in factories is of adequate quality. However, local material used is not tested and accepted. This material needs particular attention of construction engineers and staff from both the parties (party getting road constructed and the construction agency). Coordination is the responsibility of owner of the road (public works department, municipality, gram panchayat etc.). This aspect also is neglected. Many times it is found that road is constructed/repaired today and next day it is dug for repairing pipelines, storm water drainage and works of this nature. This would result in making road bad even if adequate precaution is taken during construction. Maintenance of road is the most neglected aspect. Responsibility goes both to municipality and the users. Water is a friend of road during construction. However once the road is constructed water is the worst enemy of the road. Of course nothing can be done to save road from rains but the road can be saved from water disposed on road by citizens or municipal workers. Precaution can be taken for known water (i. e. rain) but no precaution can be taken against misuse. The only answer is to ensure that no road is misused.

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