Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Road Crossings:

Safe road crossing is desired by all and it is not a big demand. Pedestrians as well as vehicles must have safe places for road crossings. In respect of BRT and Metro Train it is must to ensure speed and safety.
Therefore at appropriate places architectural planning must take this in to consideration and provide suitable safe measures. Some times there may not be an immediate requirement. However, while planning at least enough space should be left for future construction.
For pedestrians, generally bridges are considered for road crossing. Bridge is a good solution but not an ideal solution. Physically handicapped, people old in age, women in difficult situation, patients may not be able to use steps and bridges. A compromise should be arrived at. Pedestrian road crossing should give at least 50% convenience to pedestrians. This can be achieved by providing a passage about 1 metre below ground level and using 1.5 metre space above ground. This would reduce number of steps to be climbed compared to totally above ground bridge. Along with steps ramps also should be provided for wheel chairs. Care is needed to ensure that 2 wheelers don't use this facility. Traffic lanes should be raised above the road crossing by approximately 2 metre.
Safety is more important than speed. This may require speed breakers in addition to raising road levels at crossings. Speed breakers should be 3 types and all semicircular at top and consisting of a group of 5 to 7 at every place. Firstly, the smallest diameter speed breaker should give warning to vehicle drivers that the diver is approaching danger zone and vehicle speed must be reduced. This can be done by leaving accelerator of the vehicle. This speed breaker should give a mild shock just to inform driver that speed needs to be reduced. After certain distance medium diameter speed breaker should be provided. If the driver understands the warning and reduces speed to accepted value this also should give mild shock. However if the driver is negligent the shock must be higher to punish him lightly. Third and final speed breaker should be adequately short of danger zone. This should be the biggest say 15 to 20 centimetre diameter. This speed breaker should not harm vehicle if the speed is reduced to required value but should punish heavily if speed is higher than acceptable. Such an arrangement shall carry out tasks of warning and ensuring drivers follow it meticulously. This system should be used in all cities and towns on all roads. This will ensure that every driver knows about it and learns to follow the speed restriction.

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